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Commercial Tax

When structuring your commercial arrangements, we think it is important that you understand the tax implications of what you’re entering into.

We take pride in helping clients to structure their commercial operations in a tax-efficient way while still keeping arrangements as simple and comprehensible as possible.

We advise on all of the tax issues affecting commercial transactions, including VAT, withholding taxes and availability of double tax reliefs.  We can also help by coordinating international tax advice, to create structures that work in all the jurisdictions you do business in.

Examples of the sort of matters we advise on are:

  • VAT and withholding tax implications of sponsorship deals
  • structuring retail products for providers which offer customer tax efficiencies (e.g. life policies, medical benefit trusts) and also implementation of these from the customer side
  • structuring litigation settlements and the tax implications of different kinds of court award
  • the tax implications of cross-border creative productions, including foreign entertainer’s withholding tax

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