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Protecting technical inventions through a thorough understanding of the inventive technology and the commercial strategy of the business.

New technical inventions created by inventors are often most effectively protected by patents. At Lewis Silkin, we believe that the key to understanding and advising on patent issues is through a thorough comprehension of the inventive technology, as well as the legal concerns involved.


We are very aware of the need to translate every possible aspect of our client's ingenuity into a protectable right. To this end, we aim to work closely with the inventor towards a common goal, and adopt a pro-active role in developing a complete understanding of the invention and its alternatives.


As scientists with various academic specialities, our team of patent attorneys has a thorough experience of a wide range of technologies. Through many years of practicing before the UK Patent Office, the European Patent Office, and Patent Offices in other countries, we have a first hand knowledge of how to prepare patent specifications and surmount the various obstacles that may be raised before a patent is granted.


As patent attorneys trained in the various aspects of patent law, we also advise on both the offensive and defensive legal aspects of patents, including conducting clearance searches, assessing infringement and validity, and litigating before the Courts.

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