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Corporate Occupiers

Corporate occupiers can have a large and diverse portfolio of real estate.

Not simply office buildings, this can include specialised buildings such as: retail space; data centres; R&D sites; hotels; football stadia; shared working hubs; golf courses; leisure centres; health spas; call centres; business parks; mast sites, and everything in between.

Our real estate team’s expertise and experience covers all aspects of the acquisition and disposal of real estate and asset management. We provide clients with commercial, pragmatic advice across a broad spectrum of real estate issues, whatever the size and shape of the asset or portfolio.

Typically we advise on:

  • leasing or building new premises
  • major refurbishment works or alterations to existing premises
  • obtaining new sites or expanding existing facilities to cater for business expansion
  • maximizing the value of an existing estate through the sale of disused premises or disposal of surplus land
  • acquiring new bases through corporate acquisitions
  • consolidating businesses from multiple locations into a single headquarter premises

If you are considering re-occupation of your premises during Covid-19 please see our RE: Occupy campaign for tips on what you need to consider.



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10 November 2022

The real estate sector has, for a long time, been reluctant to embrace technology. While the rise of property tech start-ups did go some way to open people’s eyes to the possibilities and fuel their imagination, it took something as monumental as a global pandemic to force many, who work within the sector, to move away from traditional (and often outdated) working practices into a more modern way of thinking and working.

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03 November 2022

Lewis Silkin was engaged to act for Daniel J. Edelman Limited in the relocation of its London office, to a newly refurbished building in Victoria.

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21 September 2022

At a time of spiralling inflation and supply-chain issues, UK businesses need to think even more carefully about how they occupy their space, particularly as working habits have shifted post-Covid. One key aspect of this will be to consider whether their current space is fit for purpose, could be made so, or is no longer suitable.


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The change in the way that office space is used has been gathering significant momentum since the pandemic hit.


Government unveils scheme for binding arbitration in relation to COVID related rent arrears

17 November 2021

On 9 November 2021 the government published its proposals regarding a new Code of Practice together with draft legislation, known as the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill, to deal with arrears accumulated during the Covid pandemic period.

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Commercial tenants and landlords alike have been eagerly awaiting the outcome of two landmark cases (Commerz Real Investmentgesellschaft mbH v TFS Stores Limited and Bank of New York Mellon (International) Ltd & Others v Cine-UK Ltd & Others) where a number of tenants challenged their liability to pay the rent and other sums under their respective leases based on arguments related to the effects of Covid-19.

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RE: Occupy - Real Estate FAQs for Tenants during Covid-19

16 June 2021

The impact of Covid-19 is constantly changing for the real estate sector: from construction sites and developments being shut down; to new approaches for planning inquiries and a mutable landscape for lease negotiations. Nothing is set in stone. Therefore, we have pulled together a selection of the questions we are being asked by clients and will be updating this regularly.


COVID-19 advice for corporate occupiers

16 June 2021

Commercial tenants – whether occupying offices, retail premises, industrial units or other property - face potentially existential questions arising out of their landlord and tenant relations, how to manage cashflow and outgoings as revenues dry up, premises shut down and uncertainty reigns.

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