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Real Estate Development

Our development lawyers bring together the full range of our real estate experience and knowledge, working closely with our client to help plan and deliver the project.

We work with public and private sector clients – some familiar with the development process, some not - on regeneration schemes, mixed use developments and one off projects, from cradle to grave. We advise on aspects such as:

  • agreements with investors, purchasers and tenants
  • avoiding and resolving disputes
  • construction issues, from demolition and construction through to dealing with defects
  • funding, both debt and equity
  • identifying procedural requirements and traps
  • interim revenue-producing arrangements pending start on site
  • issues that might affect development, including cost or timing, such as rights of light, sewers, restrictive covenants
  • management of the property following construction
  • obtaining vacant possession
  • planning issues and the negotiation of planning and highway agreements
  • public procurement
  • site assembly and any overage arrangements on acquisition
  • tax implications and efficient ownership structures/joint ventures


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Team Planning

Lewis Silkin heads legal think tank on planning changes

17 June 2020

Following the COVID19 outbreak, The Law Society wrote to the Minister of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) with a list of proposed recommendations to assist with planning during the coronavirus pandemic.

Real Estate Building

Temporary use of vacant land offers chance for collaboration: Anthony van Hoffen writes for Property Week

12 May 2020

Covid-19 space requirements present an unusual opportunity for the property sector to make a difference. Nicola Mathers, Chief Executive of Future of London and development partner Anthony Hoffen discuss the potential temporary use of vacant land during the pandemic and the opportunities for collaboration.

How legal changes can keep planning and development open during the coronavirus epidemic: Sara Hanrahan writes for The Planner

24 April 2020

The Law Society has requested a slew of changes to the English planning system to enable planning and development to continue during the coronavirus epidemic and the post-lockdown period, as Sara Hanrahan explains in this article for The Planner.

London buildings

The Law Society calls for urgent planning fixes: Sara Hanrahan writes for Estates Gazette

21 April 2020

The planning committee for the City of London and the wider national planning committee joined forces to consider the legislative changes introduced since the outbreak of Covid-19. Sara Hanrahan, our Head of Planning discusses the current legislation and how it could provide the building blocks for the future.


Covid-19 relief for financially troubled suppliers with public contracts

01 April 2020

On 20 March 2020 the Cabinet Office published guidance designed to ensure that all public bodies provide support under existing contracts to suppliers of “goods, services and works” who are financially “at risk” as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

More than just a stadium…

19 September 2019

However it’s done, whether being rebuilt from scratch (Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Arsenal), expanded (Liverpool) or converted from other uses (West Ham, Manchester City), one thing for certain is that football stadiums are big business. In this article, we explore some of the current projects and highlight some of the hot topics surrounding these cathedrals of the national game.

Building contracts - good practice and inspections

07 August 2019

This guide will look at how employers, contractors and consultants can form, improve and maintain good relationships. Many of these tips are not exclusive to building contracts, but are especially important in construction projects due to the number of parties involved and the often complex nature of the work. Good faith and alliancing provisions are outside of this note.

Practical Completion and the Rectification Period

25 July 2019

This guide on delay and completion considers: what is practical completion; the consequences of practical completion either happening or not; the options if practical completion is delayed and obligations arising during and at the end of the Rectification Period.

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