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Real Estate

Real estate is about making property work for you, whether it is your core business, or ancillary to it.

That may mean securing the right sites for a retail or leisure brand roll-out, expanding or refitting office space at just the right time to increase business capacity, getting the right structure in place for a mixed use public/private development, or building an investment portfolio. All of these require commercially oriented and pragmatic legal expertise delivered in a straightforward, accessible way.

Lewis Silkin Real Estate

Our real estate group combines real depth of knowledge with breadth of scope and capability. We have a particular focus on corporate occupiers, development and regeneration, investment, and property finance, with our work ranging from transactional support to providing specialist advice covering planning, construction, dispute resolution and tax.

We advise lenders and investors; private developers, major corporates and public bodies; as well as both landlords and tenants, giving us a wide-ranging perspective. Regardless of their business type or sector, our clients come back to us time and again, demonstrating the trust they place in us to help them to address their property-related challenges.

You can view our latest 2 blog posts below and our full blog here.  



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Real Estate construction

The implications of proposed powers for councils to block slow developers: Sara Hanrahan comments for Planning Resource

11 May 2023

A legislative tweak allowing councils to refuse applications anywhere in their area from applicants deemed slow to build out a site will be challenging to implement, may unfairly penalise smaller developers and could deter brownfield redevelopment, commentators fear.

Blue glass building

Lewis Silkin LLP shortlisted for The Lawyer Awards 2023

27 April 2023

Lewis Silkin LLP and Farrer & Co have been shortlisted in the Real Estate Team of the Year category in The Lawyer Awards 2023.

White Edwardian Houses, West London

Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash is Reality

31 March 2023

Hardly a day goes by when a residential landlord is not bombarded by a seemingly endless torrent of bad news about the future of owning Buy-to-Lets or investment portfolios. Residential landlords and investors are leaving the market in droves. Driven away by rising interest rates, ever-increasing costs and the perceived burden of legislative and regulatory reforms.

Luxurious living room

When Less Means More

29 March 2023

Change is afoot for those looking to benefit from Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR). MDR has long been a help in keeping SDLT manageable for certain complex residential purchases.

Real Estate planning

Adding Value with Planning Permission

20 March 2023

Local Planning Authorities are required by the Government (Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004) to identify land within their administrative boundaries that will meet the needs for future housing and employment growth.

US Dollar Real Estate

How is the dollar’s dominance impacting the luxury real estate market?

13 March 2023

It has been an interesting run for luxury property buyers over the course of the last 6 months or so. Quite remarkable how the market can flip from armageddon with lending rates at record highs, only for the world to be all rosy again with just the slightest adjustment back down.

Concept of love, giving gifts, donorship

In Conversation with Anna Josse, Founder and CEO of Prism The Gift Fund

29 November 2022

“Philanthropy is inherently personal; there are as many reasons for giving as there are people who give. We’ve found that not only would many people like to give more, but that others would be happy to start if they weren’t intimidated by the complexities of charitable giving.” We spoke to Anna Josse, Founder, CEO of Prism the Gift Fund to get the low down on effective giving vehicles, Donor Advised Funds.

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