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Advertising & Marketing

We have been advising clients in the advertising sector since the early 1970s. We have advised the founders of advertising agencies which became icons of the British advertising industry, to many of the world’s largest agency networks, as well as leading independent agencies.

Along the way, we’ve advised them on mergers and acquisitions, public company flotations and ultimately on to their sale. We helped them hire people and fire people, and now we teach them how look after millennials. We advised on them on their contracts, their IP, their premises, their disputes, their tax and their immigration issues.

But a few years ago, advertisers began to realize that if they wanted specialist advertising advice, they should speak to a firm that is immersed in the business. So now we advise them too, particularly in relation to data protection and privacy (including the GDPR), advertising regulation, talent contracts, employment status of freelancers and intellectually property protection, enforcement and disputes.

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social media

Instagram vows to tackle hidden celebrity ads after watchdog probe: Geraint Lloyd-Taylor comments for City AM

19 October 2020

Instagram has pledged to do more to prevent hidden advertising on its website and app amid concerns that influencers are failing to make it clear when they have been paid to promote products. In this article for City AM, Geraint Lloyd-Taylor comments on how collaboration between the CMA & the ASA is key to these regulations.

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Ads & Brands Law Digest: August-September2020

07 October 2020

Welcome to the August-September 2020 issue of our monthly Ads & Brands Law Digest.

City of London Business

Lewis Silkin advises Be Heard management team on terms of the acquisition of Be Heard by MSQ

04 September 2020

Lewis Silkin has advised the management team of Be Heard Group on their ongoing terms with MSQ following the acquisition of Be Heard Group by MSQ.

Fast Food

Junk food ad ban is two years away: Brinsley Dresden comments for The Times

28 July 2020

A 9pm watershed for junk food adverts is likely to take two years to introduce as ministers give companies time to make food healthy enough to promote.

Junk Food

Advertising trade bodies united in distaste for 'junk food' TV and online ad ban: Brinsley Dresden comments for The Drum

27 July 2020

The UK government is planning a junk food TV – and now potentially online – advertising ban, blaming such ads for the ticking “time bomb” of obesity. Whether this move will improve public health remains hotly contested, but among the advertising trade bodies there is consensus. They hate it.

Junk Food

Johnson wages war on junk food ads in bid to tackle UK obesity: Brinsley Dresden comments for City A.M.

27 July 2020

Boris Johnson is set to announce sweeping measures to overhaul junk food advertising in the UK, which could include a 9pm watershed on TV adverts.

social media

Influencers are unionising – what do you need to know?

17 July 2020

As the power of the influencer increases, as does the importance for brands to not only find the perfect talent for their campaign, but to ensure a happy and long-lasting relationship.

Ads & Brands Law Digest: June-July 2020

06 July 2020

Welcome to the June-July 2020 issue of our monthly Ads & Brands Law Digest.

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