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Consumer Regulation, Investigations & e-Commerce

Our dedicated consumer lawyers have for many years advised many of the world’s best known brands, and their agencies, on consumer laws and ASA requirements.

We support businesses on how to get to grips with their obligations under the Consumer Contact Regulations and the Consumer Rights Act and the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations.


While we regularly advise clients on their obligations and prepare (or update) consumer-facing documents, we also support our clients in connection with any dealings with regulatory bodies such as the ASA, Trading Standards and the CMA, including representing them in connection with complaints, information requests and investigations.


The rapid growth of e-commerce and m-commerce presents many opportunities but also presents complex legal and regulatory challenges, including those relating to consumer law and data privacy.  We can offer practical and commercial advice to help guide you through these challenges and to help you achieve your strategic objectives in a cost-effective way.


Our lawyers in this area have a particular focus on the retail, fashion, leisure, advertising and marketing and hospitality sectors.


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Our guide to the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Act 2024 – focusing on consumer law

21 July 2023

The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Act was introduced to the UK parliament on 25 April 2023, following a Green Paper back in 2018 and consultation by the government in 2021. The government said that one of its primary purposes is to protect consumers by strengthening the enforcement of consumer protection law (including by giving the CMA significant new powers and the prospect of GDPR style fines) and introducing new consumer rights, including by tackling subscription traps that it says currently cost consumers £1.6 billion.

Data Security system Shield Protection Verification

New era for UK consumers protection

05 May 2023

Giles Crown has summarised the most important aspects of the proposed changes in consumer law and regulation arising from the new Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill. This includes some serious additional risks for all businesses targeting UK consumers, including for the first time direct enforcement by the CMA and large potential fines.

Another blow for Big Tech as political agreement is reached in record time on a new digital services framework

23 June 2022

No doubt spurred on by events in Ukraine and growing concerns about the societal impact of the spread of misinformation, on 22 April 2022 the European Parliament and EU Member States reached a political agreement on the European Commission’s proposals on the Digital Services Act (DSA) in record time.

1 in 3 internet users fail to question misinformation - Ofcom

01 April 2022

More than a third of internet users are unaware that online content might be false or biased, according to new Ofcom research.


CMA poised to get personal on pricing algorithms!

27 January 2021

The CMA has published an eye-opening paper on algorithms, showing how they can, if misused, reduce competition in digital markets and cause harm to consumers.


New advisory body for Scottish consumers

25 June 2020

If you sell goods or services to consumers in Scotland, take note as the Consumer Scotland Act 2020 has received Royal Assent.

To UPC or not UPC – implementation of Unified Patent Court delayed (Brands & IP Newsnotes - issue 5)

23 June 2017

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is intended to provide a regional forum resolve patent disputes. At the moment, parties have to litigate patent disputes on a country by country basis across Europe, which is time-consuming, expensive and can lead to differing decisions in some countries. UPC decisions will have effect in all 25 states participating in the UPC, providing a single forum to resolve these disputes.

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