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Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

Most businesses hold an array of intellectual property rights such as trade marks, copyright works, designs, patents and domain names. However, far fewer actively manage these rights.

We conduct portfolio audits to help businesses identify their assets and then to manage them through use of our specialist IP asset management software. This ensures that all relevant deadlines such as renewal dates are not missed, disputes are tracked and that assignments, licences and coexistence agreements are linked to relevant rights.  Clients appreciate the ability to give them online access to our software enabling them to check progress and print off reports from their own personal devices.

Our services include:

  • specialist IP portfolio management software
  • free IP data upload
  • portfolio audits to identify gaps in IP coverage and potential cost savings due to redundant IP
  • automated deadline reminders
  • 24 hour client online access to their data

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Trade Mark Searches – important notes

13 August 2019

Trade mark searches are conducted to assess the risk of infringing earlier third party rights through the use of the proposed mark. This guide includes definitions of the types of rights and searches, international searches and key limitations.


Steven Jennings comments for The Telegraph: Fraudsters try to cash in on the good name of British legal companies

15 July 2019

Steven Jennings has commented in an article for The Telegraph that discusses how leading British law firms are being targeted by cyber criminals who set up fake email accounts and pose as top lawyers to try to con people and companies out of millions.

European Union Trade Mark Opposition Procedure

21 May 2019

The European Union trade mark (“EUTM”) opposition procedure is a process that enables third parties to prevent EUTM applications from achieving registration in certain circumstances.

New gTLD domain

21 May 2019

In one of the most far reaching developments to effect the internet since its creation, in January 2012 ICANN will start the process of releasing potentially hundreds of top level domain names for use by brand owners or as generic references. This presents unparalleled opportunities and risks for all brand owners, and only the best prepared are likely to meet those challenges.


LSNetminder - Domain Name Management & Dispute Resolution

21 May 2019

It is now very rare to come across a business without any online presence. As a result, domain names have become a crucial aspect of intellectual property and one which requires careful management. Unauthorised third party registrations are now much more prevalent with fraudulent activity such as phishing and cyber squatting.

Trade Mark ‘Use’ Requirements

21 May 2019

The purpose of a trade mark registration is to protect marks that are either a) in use; b) intended to be used; or c) are not being used, but with a valid reason.

Trade Mark and Domain Name Watch Services

21 May 2019

There is a temptation for trade mark owners to breathe a sigh of relief as they eventually file their trade mark applications. It is often the culmination of months of work searching for any prior rights and perhaps investigating, negotiating, cancelling or acquiring such rights. It is an end, but only to the beginning of a brand’s lifecycle. Once the application is filed, this is when the brand protection programme begins in earnest.

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