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Protecting property, brands, staff and customers.

Business assets include property, the brand, staff, customers and the ‘goodwill’ of the business and these assets need to be protected from the threat of protest, demonstrations and campaigns.

Asset protectionWe are one of the leading firms assisting clients with protecting their assets from protestors including the misuse of land, trespass, nuisance (public and private), blocking the highway and harassment. We use the full range of tools available to ensure that our clients can carry on with their business activities without undue interference from protestors campaigning against a lawful activity.

The effect of protests can range from a minor inconvenience to major disruption. The mere presence of protestors is likely to cause a nuisance and might result in the harassment of staff and others and could have a serious impact on the operation of lawful business activities. In the event that your business becomes the target of protestors take the threat seriously, be prepared, organise your response and be ready.

Our expertise covers a range of contentious matters, often including issues under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, the Human Rights Act 1998, Data Protection, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, multiple sites and highway legislation and which generally require urgent applications to the court to secure interim relief to protect the clients’ property, brand, staff and customers from undue interference by protestors.

Our work has included:

  • Obtaining various injunctions under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 to restrain protestor action (including trespass, nuisance and harassment)
  • Obtaining expedited Part 55 possession orders against squatters and travellers, often including ‘fly-tipping’ and damage to land and buildings
  • Establishing protective, precautionary arrangements through emergency applications to the High Court and securing injunctions to restrain trespass, nuisance and protestor action
  • Obtaining anti-harassment and ASB injunctions to restrain violent, criminal and other forms of ASB on housing association/RSL land
  • Advising in respect of noise nuisance

We also advise clients on their policies and process in dealing with these issues.

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