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HR Audits

Prevention is better than cure. All organisations want to be confident that their contracts, policies and HR practices are both legally compliant and up to date.

Our HR Audit examines the three key stages of the employment relationship:

  • Recruitment: hiring procedures, offer letters and employment contracts, immigration requirements, restrictive covenants and agency workers, temps and consultants
  • Employment: working time, employee benefits, discrimination, diversity and inclusion, family friendly policies, holiday and sickness absence
  • Termination: capability and performance management, disciplinary and grievance, redundancy procedures and settlement agreements

We work closely with you to gather relevant information on your existing procedures and practices, and then produce a practical, easy-to-follow risk and compliance report which includes recommendations on improvements you might make either to comply with the law or to bring your organisation inline with best practice. Where desired, we can also work with you on an implementation plan.

The HR Audit may be run alongside some of our other more in-depth audit services such as Immigration and Sickness Absence. The Audit can be run either on an annual basis or as a one-off health check. 

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