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Realising a commercial strategy usually involves a wide range of stakeholders, from suppliers to contractors and customers to regulators.

Ensuring that a customer proposition and underlying contracts are fit for purpose and don’t fall foul of commercial, consumer or competition laws requires sector-specific and overarching expertise, together with acute attention to detail.


From advising on ‘route to market’ strategies, such as agency, distribution, franchise and IP licensing through to business process outsourcing, sponsorship and consumer law (including regulatory investigations), we provide commercially savvy advice in a manner that helps you to cut through the complexities, manage risk and achieve your goals.

 Lewis Silkin Commercial

We can help to achieve ‘win-win' outcomes for clients and counterparties.  We communicate clearly and succinctly.  We will tell you if something is ‘market’ or not, and we don’t shy away from numbers.  We will tailor our service to your needs, which might mean an end-to-end service on a complex project or a simple ‘red flag’ report of key risks.  We stand out from many other law firms in having specialist commercial and consumer law experts whose deep experience is sector-specific and spans advising blue chip multi-nationals, start-ups, high growth businesses and investors.


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Jo Farmer comments for Digiday UK: ‘A lot of the time its intuition’: Marketers continue to struggle with attribution in influencer campaigns

10 July 2019

In an article for Digiday UK, Jo Farmer comments on the challenge that marketers face when tracking influencers business value.

Contract interpretation: a helpful recap by the Court of Appeal

03 July 2019

At the end of March 2019, the Court of Appeal handed down a decision which provided a helpful reminder of the modern approach to interpreting contracts.

The inexorable rise of video advertising

02 July 2019

London Tech Week this year highlighted many fascinating tech trends. One particular trend that resonated with me is the inexorable rise of video advertising. Here are a few takeaways from the video advertising session hosted by Taptica.

Fail to cooperate at your peril! Court finds that contracting party’s conduct was a repudiatory breach of an implied duty to cooperate

04 June 2019

In a recent case, the court implied a duty to cooperate where close collaboration between the parties was required to perform the contract. The Court also found that one party’s failure to cooperate was a repudiatory breach that the counterparty could rely on in treating the contract as terminated.

Court of Appeal sets high bar for parties defending fraudulent misrepresentation claims and dismisses attempt to broaden transferred loss principle

21 May 2019

The Court of Appeal has confirmed the presumption of inducement in cases of fraudulent misrepresentation will be “very difficult” to rebut and rejected a Claimant’s attempt to recover the loss of its subcontracting sister company via the “transferred loss” principle.

Contract law update: Recent developments and practical tips

03 May 2019

On 2 May 2019, Mark Lim, Sohrab Daneshku and Nigel Enticknap from our commercial dispute resolution practice group hosted a seminar discussing provisions that commonly feature in commercial contracts. Whilst important, these terms may enjoy limited attention during negotiations. We covered recent case law, offered tips on how to interpret key clauses and discussed how to avoid common pitfalls. Below is a summary of some of the key points.

Government’s “porn block” roll out delayed

01 April 2019

Two weeks ago we commented on the anticipated introduction of age verification controls on porn sites which were due to come into force today. It is now understood that the implementation of these controls has been delayed, with some media outlets reporting that an official announcement is expected this week.

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