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Digital, Commerce & Creative

Realising a successful business in today’s market requires the right blend of digitisation, commercial insight and creativity.

The Digital, Commerce and Creative team is at the forefront of innovative change keeping pace with the evolving business world. Offering deep industry knowledge and expertise, the team is made of leading practitioners, rising stars and curious thinkers (many with in-house experience) with a desire to help you grow and enhance your business and navigate ever evolving regulatory landscapes.

From AI, technology, NFT’s and blockchain solutions, route to market strategies (such as platforms, agency, distribution and franchise arrangements) and IP heavy deals (such as sponsorship, branded content, talent, licensing and production deals), through to business process outsourcing, sale and purchase of goods and services, media buying, consumer and advisory matters, and regulatory investigations, we provide commercially savvy advice in a manner that helps you to cut through the complexities, manage risk and achieve your goals – that #winning outcome.

We communicate clearly and succinctly. We will tell you if something is ‘market’ or not, and we don’t shy away from numbers. We will tailor our service to your needs, which might mean an end-to-end service on a complex project or a simple ‘red flag’ report of key risks.

Our converged legal offering includes:

Digital, Commerce and Creative

You can view our latest two Digital, Commerce & Creative blog posts below and our full blog here.

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Creator Economy Series, Part 4: The inevitable Death of Gate Keepers and what it Means for the Creator Economy

15 May 2024

Join us for our fourth event of our Creative Economy Series hosted by Phil Hughes: The inevitable Death of Gate Keepers and what it Means for the Creator Economy.

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Creator Economy Series, Part 3: The Role of Brands in the New Creator Economy

25 April 2024

Join us for the third event in our Creator Economy Series hosted by Phil Hughes: The Role of Brands in the New Creator Economy.


Digital City Festival

16 April 2024

Digital City Festival is the annual event series that brings together the digital and tech communities from across the North and beyond.


Subscriptions: New laws to protect consumers from subscription traps and zombie subscriptions – what businesses need to know

26 March 2024

Following our recent event on the imminent consumer law revolution, join us again as we take a deeper dive into the proposed new rules for subscription contracts.

Creator Economy Series, Part 2:

Creator Economy Series, Part 2: The Intersection of Talent, Technology and the Creator Economy: The Future is Talent Tech

21 March 2024

Join us for our second event of our Creative Economy Series hosted by Phil Hughes: The Future is Talent Tech. This event will focus on the intersection of talent, technology and the creator economy.


Creator Economy Series, Part 1: AI's Impact on the Creator Economy: Automation, Evolution and Opportunity

07 February 2024

This is the first event of our Creative Economy Series hosted by Phil Hughes: Automation of creativity and the evolution of AI – how it will affect the creator economy and what you need to know.

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NYT v OpenAI: The Publishing Sector’s AI Content-Scraping Conundrum

19 January 2024

Text and Data Mining (TDM) – and “web scraping” more generally – has been thrust into the spotlight with the recent explosion of Generative AI. At the heart of the issue lies a tension between AI companies on the one hand and publishers on the other.

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