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Whether you are a start-up setting out and looking to expand, an ambitious growth business preparing to float, or a multinational enterprise undertaking major acquisitions, complex corporate law issues span the entire lifecycle of any business.

Such challenges as selling your lifetime business, negotiating your next round of investment, or your shareholder rights or your next key acquisition, structuring your employee incentives, understanding governance issues and a raft of regulations and guidance are both commonplace and increasingly intricate. Each requires different skills and specific expertise from a range of legal practice areas, including tax, as well as real insight into nuances of the industry in question. We bring all of this together in one holistic, specialist team.

Unlike many corporate advisers, we are by no means purely transaction-focussed although it’s a large part of what we do. We often play a far more strategic role for our clients, driven by lasting business relationships and a partner-led, personalised service.

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Parent company’s limited liability. Not quite so limited?

11 July 2019

It is a basic principle of company law that the liability of a shareholder of a limited company is limited to the amount unpaid on the shares it holds in that company. Right? That’s why it’s called a limited company? This is generally true. However, in some cases, a parent company can be considered to have assumed responsibility for the negligent acts of its subsidiary.

Thirteen lawyers listed in Best Lawyers in the United Kingdom

28 June 2019

Lewis Silkin is pleased to announce that thirteen of our lawyers have been listed in the Eighth Edition of The Best Lawyers in the United Kingdom.

Advertising & Marketing - Mergers & Acquisitions: Somewhere over the rainbow…may be your future

20 June 2019

The M&A landscape in the advertising & marketing and related technology sector has become characterised by new buyers from a variety of non-traditional backgrounds, but with the traditional network holding companies still being the most prolific acquirers.

Establishing a business presence in the UK

13 May 2019

If you are a non-UK corporate body and you wish to establish a business presence in the UK, this brief guide covers the main issues you need to consider.

Selling your business

13 May 2019

Many business-owners look to sell at some point. The reasons for selling may vary but often it is the opportunity for an owner to capitalise on the years of hard work that have gone into building up his or her business.

Penalty appeal kicked into touch - Nosworthy v Instinctif Partners Ltd

24 April 2019

A court has recently upheld the actions of an employer (IP) which enforced bad leaver provisions contained in its articles of association (Articles). Those provisions required a resigning employee (N) to transfer her shares for minimal consideration and forfeit her loan notes.

Keeping accurate records or disqualification and potential prison time? Surely an easy choice!

24 April 2019

Evidently not for some…

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