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Employment Tribunals

There is never a good time to face an Employment Tribunal claim.

But when it happens, it’s important to entrust your matter to a legal team who:

  • Has seen it all before. We advise on hundreds of claims each year and there aren’t many Tribunal litigation issues, no matter how obscure, that we haven’t come across before and can’t bring our experience to bear on
  • Understands the difference between a routine matter and a “bet the farm” claim, and allocates resources to match
  • Realises that, while litigation might be our day job, it isn’t yours and guides you through the process – from pleadings to disclosure through witness statements and on to the full hearing – as smoothly and effortlessly as possible
  • Always has its eye on the commercial objective, knowing when the time is right to go in “all guns blazing”, and when an expertly negotiated exit is the best way forward

We can handle the whole range of Employment Tribunals claims and have particular expertise in:

  • Complex and sensitive discrimination and whistleblowing claims
  • Equal pay
  • Unfair dismissal, including the various types of automatic claim
  • Protective award claims under TUPE and TULR(C)A, and TUPE employee liability information disputes
  • Unlawful deductions from wages
  • Breach of contract
  • Dismissal and detriment for trade union membership and activities
  • Agency worker disputes

For ‘routine’ Employment Tribunal litigation, we can support employers cost effectively through our low cost, fixed fee service rockhopper.

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Paul Gillen

Paul Gillen comments on why workplaces must be neurodivergence-aware for the Belfast Telegraph

05 December 2023

While major employers are now actively recruiting people with neurodivergent backgrounds, the number of industrial tribunal cases involving neurodiverse employees has quadrupled in the last four years. Paul Gillen comments for the Belfast Telegraph.

A brief guide to the Employment Tribunal process

13 September 2023

This Inbrief provides an overview of the Employment Tribunal process, from making a claim to the outcome of the final hearing. It is deliberately brief and does not cover every aspect of tribunal procedure, so do seek specific advice on your own circumstances if you are involved in a claim. This applies to England and Wales only, as the process in Scotland and in Northern Ireland is a bit different – do contact us if you need more information about this.

Employment Tribunal

Being a witness in the Employment Tribunal

06 September 2023

This Inbrief provides an outline guide to being a witness at the Employment Tribunal, covering what to expect and tips on giving evidence both in person and online. This applies to England and Wales only, as the process in Scotland and in Northern Ireland is a bit different – do contact us if you need more information about this.

Contract breaking up is never easy

When can a termination discussion be without prejudice?

15 December 2022

For a discussion to be “without prejudice” there must be an existing dispute between the parties. A recent EAT case helpfully clarified when a grievance will count as a dispute for these purposes.

office floor

When can a mistake not be corrected? Court of Appeal rules collective agreements are not capable of rectification

03 November 2022

A recent Court of Appeal decision has confirmed that employers cannot seek rectification of mistakes in collective agreements. Where agreements with unions about terms and conditions have been wrongly recorded, employers will be limited to seeking to rectify relevant employees’ individual employment contracts in as far as they incorporate the mistaken terms.


Holiday pay for part-year workers should not be pro-rated

21 July 2022

The Supreme Court has ruled that the paid holiday entitlement of part-year workers should not be pro-rated for the weeks they do not usually work. This means that the 12.07% method for calculating the holiday pay hours of casual workers on permanent contracts is no longer a valid approach.

Signing contracts

Court of appeal decision gives comfort on employment status for tax purposes

26 May 2022

The Court of Appeal has held that when determining employment status of an individual for tax purposes the contractual terms should not be disregarded unless they are unrealistic. This decision offers some comfort to businesses which engage self-employed contractors, including those in the gig economy.

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