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Outsourcing (BPO)

We think business guru Peter Drucker spoke a lot of sense in the early 1990s when he said “do what do you do best, and outsource the rest”. The concept remains true today.

Our sourcing lawyers can guide you through the entire transaction lifecycle, from initial deal structuring through to supporting you on the tender process, contract negotiation, transition, implementation and exit management.


Our experts will help you to ensure that the ‘optimum’ deal is reached swiftly, that the contractual obligations reflect what should actually happen on the ground (and not the other way around) and in a manner that allows your outsourcing relationship to have the best chance of long term success.


To help achieve this, our job is not only to help you negotiate and document the optimum deal, but to ensure that all the parties fully understand the key drivers for the outsourcing, the limitations of what can (and cannot) be provided and the risks (and costs) involved.


We can involve our employment, real estate and other specialist colleagues as necessary to ensure that you receive a comprehensive and seamless service delivery.  We have a wealth of experience of advising on both sides of the table and advise on all manner of BPO projects, including finance, accounting, payroll, asset administration, security, property and FM.


Please also see technology outsourcing.

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