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Advertising - Data Protection & Privacy

Our Data & Privacy team advises on all aspects of data protection and privacy for brand owners and their agencies. A key aspect of our data and privacy offering is the contextualised advice we provide to our clients: our multidisciplinary practitioners provide their advice in the context of other areas of applicable law such as intellectual property law, consumer law, employment law and advertising regulation.

Several members of the team specialise in the data protection and privacy aspects of advertising and marketing, including behavioural advertising and related profiling, cross platform re-targeting (including Facebook Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences), the use of RFID and mobile geo-location for outdoor advertising, re-permissioning of customer databases and data processing arrangements. We also advise agencies and brand owners on their data obligations in relation to the GDPR.

Lewis Silkin Advertising & Marketing Data Protection and PrivacyExamples of recent projects include conducting a global GDPR audit for one of the world’s largest advertising agency networks, conducting a privacy impact assessment to identify and mitigate the privacy compliance risks of the use of social media by a global brand owner and advising a leading UK brand owner on a compliance strategy to reactivate dormant customer data for marketing purposes.

Members of our Data & Privacy team also advise on workplace privacy issues such as workplace monitoring, BYOD and employee related data subject access requests.

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