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Our Trade Marks team can help on a wide range of intellectual property protection issues.

Lewis Silkin Advertising & Marketing Trade Marks

Clearance searches for third party IP

The risk of inadvertently infringing third party rights is ever present in the creative process. When devising a new corporate identity, brand name, logo, product design, strap line or domain name both brandowners and their agencies need to conduct appropriate searches to ensure that these are free to use. Failure to do so can lead to an unwanted dispute that may culminate in damages awards, legal expenses, significant management time burn, an embarrassing withdrawal of the offending brand and then being back at square one commencing the branding process again.  This is bad news for brandowners, and perhaps even worse news for their creative agencies who may be contractually liable to their brandowner clients.

For over 20 years we have helped some of the world’s leading brandowners and agencies minimise these risk through our search services. We search trade marks both in the UK and internationally and also provide searches in respect of logos, designs ,company names, domain names and advertising straplines

Registering IP

We help clients protect their rights by securing trade marks, design rights and other IP as well as business names and domain names.

Managing IP

We manage the domestic and global IP portfolios of household names, registering and renewing their rights, helping monetise those assets, monitoring unauthorised usage and tackling infringers.

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