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Workplace Data Privacy

Our employment team contains a specialist group of employment lawyers who have expertise in handling the full range of workplace data privacy questions, from advising on: cross border data flows; monitoring; background checks and vetting; DSARs, ICO complaints; and the introduction of new technologies in the workplace.

Data Subject Access requests can prove particularly problematic to handle, involving as they often do, a huge volume of email correspondence which needs to be considered before disclosure. Handling these requests can be a headache for over-stretched in-house legal teams. Recognising this challenge we can offer a toolkit for a fixed fee with a menu of options which mixes strategic advice with practical assistance.

We can also help with:

  • policies, notification and notices
  • employee monitoring and investigations
  • ICO investigations
  • background checks and vetting
  • BYOD, social media and LinkedIn
  • data transfer
  • data security
  • manager training
  • data awareness e-learning course

Find out more about how we support clients with their international workplace data privacy needs through the Ius Laboris Data Protection International Practice Group.

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GDPR Season 1: Off to a Slow Start?

30 May 2019

Like winter in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, privacy professionals warned that ‘GDPR is coming’ many months, years even, before the army of supervisory authorities (SAs) and data subjects started to amass on their doorsteps. For the most part, the warning fell on deaf ears. It was only when the first snows had already started to fall, signalling the imminent arrival of winter, that GDPR preparations began in earnest – with panic soon turning into hysteria, for some.

Employee ordered to pay over £500,000 in legal costs in a dispute involving breach of restrictive covenants and data privacy

24 May 2019

Following a trial in the High Court where an employer was successfully awarded final injunctions to prohibit a former employee from breaching post-termination restrictions (“PTRs”), the losing employee was ordered to pay 90% of his former employer’s legal bill.

Subject access and data breaches - Reading

14 May 2019

Data subject access requests can come from anyone, but probably the most common and problematic are in an employment context

Employees fined for unlawfully obtaining data

25 March 2019

It is not just businesses that need to worry about the long arm of data protection, the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) has warned, after two employees were convicted of unlawfully accessing personal data and fined

Court of Appeal holds employer liable for wrongful disclosure of personal data by ‘rogue’ employee

24 October 2018

The supermarket chain Morrisons had an internal auditor who went rogue. Aggrieved at an internal disciplinary process, he disclosed payroll data on the internet relating to about 100,000 of his colleagues. He was tracked down, charged and sentenced to eight years in prison. But was Morrisons liable to the employees whose information he had leaked?

Ellen Temperton speaks to BBC Radio about the ‘always on’ work culture

18 October 2018

In a segment for BBC Business Daily, Ellen Temperton discusses an employee’s right to privacy in relation to work emails outside of normal work hours.

Heathrow fined over data breach

09 October 2018

The Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) has made a civil monetary penalty order for the sum of £120,000 against Heathrow Airport Ltd (“HAL”) after a lost data stick containing the sensitive personal information of a number of staff members was found by a member of the public.

Free Webinar - Four Months After the GDPR Compliance Deadline: Smooth Sailing or Are You in Hot Water?

18 September 2018

May 25 came and went for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Are you compliant and are you prepared for what is coming next?

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