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Immigration & Global Mobility

Today’s workforce is increasingly international, with companies competing for talent on a global scale.

It is more critical than ever to mobilise the skills and knowledge bases of the modern workforce across borders in order to reconfigure operations, respond to shifting demand or to enter new markets.

As businesses look to strategically deploy and secure talent, getting immigration right is a critical, but complex, process. Expert advice that can smooth the transition is vital. Our specialist approach minimises the risk of avoidable problems which can slow progress and provides fast turnaround solutions to any unexpected issues that arise.

From relocations for senior executives or even entire teams to high net worth individuals or high-profile celebrities or athletes – and their families – relocating on a temporary or permanent basis, we provide a truly personal, end-to-end service. Knowing how time-sensitive and stressful the process can be, we have the expertise to hit the ground running and minimise the impact on your business and the lives of the people involved.

Brexit and immigration – key steps to help you and your EU workforce prepare

From late 2018, EU nationals already in the UK will have to register and apply for settled status if they have been in the UK for five years. The Government also intends to end free movement of workers from the EU by 2021. Here are some points that every UK employer of overseas nationals ought to be aware to proactively manage these issues and protect your business.

As we learn more about the challenges ahead for our clients, contacts and their industries, we will add to this series of updates.

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Home Office makes important updates to COVID-19 concessions

13 August 2020

Recent amendments to the Home Office’s COVID-19 guidance for applicants mean that more people will be able to make an application to switch immigration categories without the need to go abroad. The updates also have significant right to work implications for employers whose employees are covered by the grace period the Home Office has put in place until 31 August 2020.

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Home Office issues communications to sponsors about licence renewals

13 August 2020

The Home Office has now started to make early contact with sponsors whose licences are due to expire up until the end of the year. These sponsors will be able to apply to renew their licences earlier than the usual maximum 90 days before expiry.


Pandemic right to work check procedures

13 August 2020

Under the Home Office’s current guidance for right to work checks (“RTW”), it is possible to conduct a fully compliant initial or follow-up RTW without seeing the individual face-to-face. Where this is not possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Home Office has instituted a temporary adjusted procedure, which must be backed up by retrospective checks in due course. We have summarised the options and procedures below, as well as highlighting some general points to be aware of during the pandemic.

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Life’s a beach? Working remotely from Barbados

12 August 2020

Barbados has announced a new scheme designed to encourage overseas individuals to relocate there and work remotely. What issues arise for employers if their employees want to do this?

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How does COVID-19 affect UK migrants accessing public funds and the NHS?

10 August 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has put questions around the rights of migrants to access public funds and the NHS into the spotlight. Migrants are allowed to access the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (the ‘Furlough Scheme’) via their employer. However, there are limits to what government assistance some migrants are entitled to following disruption to their normal income, and access to free NHS healthcare may also be unavailable to some people.

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Further details of new UK visa route for Hong Kongers

04 August 2020

From January 2021, the UK will make a new visa route available for British Nationals (Overseas) and their dependants who are usually resident in Hong Kong. The route will lead to settlement after five years’ residence in the UK, with the option to apply for British citizenship becoming available for most participants after a further year.

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Home Office confirms COVID-19 immigration arrangements beyond 31 July 2020

03 August 2020

In a last-minute update on 29 July 2020, the Home Office has pivoted towards a return to business as usual on immigration policy. Some significant concessions remain available until at least 31 August 2020, however there are a number of potential pitfalls for employers and individuals to be aware of.

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New Health and Care visa to launch from 4 August 2020

22 July 2020

The Home Office has released the first guidance on the a new ‘Health and Care Visa’ for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals including individuals working in the social care sector. The Health and Care Visa will be available from 4 August 2020 and will fall under the Tier 2 (General) category.

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