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Around the world, COVID-19 has resulted in wide-spread disruption, including office closures, travel bans, cancelled flights and quarantines. This has many serious knock- on effects to immigration compliance and visas. We have prepared our ‘Guide to the immigration implications of COVID-19 for UK employers’ to cover the most common questions and things you should be considering as an employer and sponsor

Employers and sponsors are dealing with the following issues:

  • Conducting right to work checks while onboarding new hires remotely
  • Ensuring sponsorship duties continue to be met with sponsored workers who may have delays/changes to work start dates or locations due to travel restrictions, or salaries needing to be cut or employees on unpaid leave
  • Managing ongoing recruitment to ensure business continuity – e.g. in some cases non EEA-nationals can still be hired and start working remotely overseas pending a decision on their visa application and travel to the UK
  • Managing changes to the process for new visa applications and those already in progress
  • Dealing with issues where people are stuck in the UK, or stranded outside the UK trying to come back

For further information on these issues, please see the guide and insights below.

The situation is continuing to evolve and we are monitoring developments closely whilst anticipating Home Office guidance and changes before they are announced. We will be updating our resources as necessary in light of this.

The UK Government Website for updates is GOV.UK - Coronavirus (COVID-19): immigration guidance

Please liaise with your Lewis Silkin immigration specialist if you have specific queries or concerns related to coronavirus that we can assist with.

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Under the Home Office’s current guidance for right to work checks (“RTW”), it is possible to conduct a fully compliant initial or follow-up RTW without seeing the individual face-to-face. Where this is not possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Home Office has instituted a temporary adjusted procedure, which must be backed up by retrospective checks in due course. We have summarised the options and procedures below, as well as highlighting some general points to be aware of during the pandemic.

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