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Environmental Responsibility

Our aim is to minimise the impact on the environment of our activities and those of our suppliers, by continually reviewing and improving our energy efficiency, recycling and waste management initiatives.

We are proud to support the following initiatives:


We have had a hive of bees on the roof of our London office for a number of years. This supports an initiative to help maintain the bee population, Honey produced by our bees is bottled and is sold in our staff café with the proceeds going to our firm charity. Our honey also won the best urban honey award at the National Honey Awards 2018!
Currently our bees are supplied by St Mary’s Secret Garden.


NONE of our rubbish goes to landfill, and this has now been the case for several years. Around 95% of our rubbish is recycled and what can’t be recycled is burnt as fuel for energy sources.

Last year we built on our recycling and environmental initiatives in a number of ways. Our recent initiatives include:

  • The removal of paper and plastic cups from all office spaces and meeting rooms in our London office. We estimate that we were previously using 91,000 cups a year, so discontinuing the use of these cups has been a fantastic move which will make a real difference.
  • The removal of individual bins from each of our offices, switching to centralised bins. This initiative will save 30,000 bin bags per year.
  • The introduction of bag libraries, where people contribute their shopping bags for further use by others.
  • The switch by our Cardiff office from plastic milk bottles to reusable glass bottles which are rinsed and returned weekly. This saves more than 43 plastic bottles a month.

Local Produce

Our restaurant in the London office only sources from local producers, and have been doing so for many years, since 2006.

Legal Sustainability Alliance

Through our membership of Legal Sustainability Alliance we are pleased to join other law firms in being committed to looking at and acting on all areas of sustainability.

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