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Irish workplace data privacy

Our employment team contains a specialist group of employment lawyers who have expertise in handling the full range of workplace data privacy questions, from advising on: cross border data flows; monitoring; background checks and vetting; DSARs, DPC complaints; and the introduction of new technologies in the workplace.

Data Subject Access requests can prove particularly problematic to handle, involving as they often do, a huge volume of email correspondence which needs to be considered before disclosure. Handling these requests can be a headache for over-stretched in-house legal teams. Recognising this challenge we can offer a toolkit for a fixed fee with a menu of options which mixes strategic advice with practical assistance.

We can also help with:

  • policies, notification and notices
  • employee monitoring and investigations
  • DPC investigations
  • background checks and vetting
  • BYOD, social media and LinkedIn
  • data transfer
  • data security
  • manager training
  • data awareness e-learning course

Find out more about how we support clients with their international workplace data privacy needs through the Ius Laboris Data Protection International Practice Group.

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"You ate my sandwich" - monitoring employees in the workplace

22 March 2019

I would never give up a meal but I certainly wouldn’t begrudge someone a taste (unless they were a sibling – that’s a different story). I would trust my fellow employees to keep their distance but if my lunch started to disappear daily I’m not sure what I would do - maybe a simple note, a lunch box with a lock, surveillance? – possibly too far but if your employer had to set up CCTV to protect your soup and sandwich, the question arises as to what level of monitoring can be undertaken by an employer and what expectation of privacy do employees have at work?

Data protection a “key imperative” for businesses ahead of Brexit “cliff edge” say Lewis Silkin lawyers at Dublin office opening

03 October 2018

Lewis Silkin has officially opened its new Dublin office with an event at the Marker Hotel, with guest speakers including the Irish Deputy Data Protection Commissioner and Facebook’s International Employment Counsel.

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