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This Place Minds

Lewis Silkin LLP has launched a new campaign for 2019 – #ThisPlaceMinds, which will focus on mental wellbeing.

What is the aim?

Through the campaign we hope to engage everyone at Lewis Silkin, as well as our clients, to help foster workplaces that enhance mental wellbeing and build a culture where people can talk openly about their mental wellbeing, safe in the knowledge that they will be met with support and understanding.

Who is involved?

We have a cross section of employees from Lewis Silkin running the campaign, which is being led by Partners Karen Baxter (London) and Russell Brimelow (Oxford). We hope you, our clients, will actively participate in our events, share your experiences of promoting better mental health and take the knowledge gained back to your own organisations.

What is planned?

The site content will change and grow as we move through the year, as we all contribute to articles and ideas. 

The year will start with our internal and external launches.  Internally we will work to promote openness and challenge any perception of stigma through honest videos and blogs. Working with HR we will bring attention and add to the resources we have available for those who need it, to make sure our colleagues feel supported.

Externally we will be hosting industry sector focussed roundtable events in the Spring and Autumn to share ideas and best practice, and explore the issues that are specific to particular sectors.  More generally, issues we anticipate being discussed include: the challenges of a long hours or hierarchical culture; how to support staff during a crisis; how to get mental health on the board’s agenda; the impact of debt, a lack of sleep or stressful life events; and ensuring we understand the legal obligations as an employer.   

We will be acknowledging and supporting key nationwide events such as:

  • Time to Talk Day: 7 February 2019
  • Mental Health Awareness week: 13 – 19 May 2019
  • World Mental Health Day: 10 October 2019

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