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Irish employment status

The growth of the “gig economy”, the demands of the millennials for greater flexibility, the tax and social insurance benefits of self-employment and Government reviews of employment status have brought the issue of employment status to the forefront of many employers’ minds.

With extensive experience of the complex issues involved, our employment lawyers can guide businesses through this tricky area and help workforces plan for the challenges of the 21st Century or defend themselves from challenges whether from unions, their workforce or the Revenue Commissioners.

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"Play the whistle!" - Whistleblowing in Ireland

26 March 2019

It seems that the FAI does not just have to worry about the results on the pitch as the qualification campaign for Euro 2020 kicks off, or the fact that they owed their CEO a significant sum of money (while also paying his rent) some time ago.

The gig economy and employment law in Ireland

19 November 2018

The origins of the “gig economy” can be traced back to the worldwide recession in 2008/2009, when people began to take on shorter term freelance “gig” type roles (involving personal service) which went outside the normal parameters of the employer/employee relationship. Very quickly, internet applications to host those services and put users in touch with the service providers came into being. These applications are now called platforms. While technology has kept up with the increase of these platforms, employment law has not, particularly in Ireland.

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