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A Lasting Change

Welcome to #aLastingChange, a useful resource for ideas, collaboration, information, legal insight and opinions on how we can create a long-lasting improvement in women’s experience of work and overall make the working environment a better place for everyone.

2017 was the year women’s workplace issues dominated the public conversation. The media shone a light on issues including unequal pay, sexual harassment and under-representation of women in senior roles. Responsibility for dealing with these – and other – problems lies with all of us.  We will support any organisation that wants to learn more about how it can deal with these issues.

The content will change and grow as we all contribute best practice in our respective organisations or highlight articles in the wider media.  There are links to other campaigns and materials created by industry bodies which you might find useful.  Lewis Silkin does not endorse any third party content or any views expressed by other organisations.

We explain why we are sponsoring this initiative

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Lucy Lewis comments for Employee Benefits: How can employers respond proactively to the #MeToo movement?

03 August 2018

In an article for Employee Benefits, Lucy Lewis comments on how employers should respond to the #MeToo movement and advises how to approach confidentiality with employees who come to discuss sexual harassment in the workplace.

Colin Leckey comments for HR Grapevine: Will Brexit have an impact on UK women's employment rights?

30 July 2018

In an article for HR Grapevine, Colin Leckey comments on the Equality and Human Rights Commission stating that women in the UK risk losing equality protections, including employment rights, as a result of Brexit.

Gender Pay Parity – Does it really make a difference?

25 June 2018

Kathryn Weaver joined a recent BritCham panel discussion in Hong Kong on Gender Pay Parity to discuss if the rising awareness has really made a difference.

Japan’s #metoo movement

30 May 2018

The #metoo movement has been slow to gain traction in Japan. There have been few reported cases about sexual harassment involving public figures...until recently.

Karen Baxter writes for Accountancy Age: Sexual harassment – is accountancy next for #MeToo?

24 May 2018

Sexual harassment is big news at the moment as numerous big Hollywood names have opened the floodgates and encouraged individuals to come forward. Karen Baxter asks, is accountancy next for #MeToo?

Joanna Hunt again writes for the Free Movement blog: Do the Immigration Rules discriminate against women who want to work in the UK?

04 April 2018

In an article for the Free Movement blog, Joanna Hunt discusses whether Tier 2 (the main visa route which enables migrants to work in the UK) is potentially discriminatory against women and hinders their ability to work in the UK.

EHRC Slams ‘Toxic’ Sexual Harassment Culture

29 March 2018

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has denounced a ‘corrosive culture’ of sexual harassment at work and outlined recommendations for change in a new report.

Michael Burd comments for LexisNexis: Workplace sexual harassment—time to ‘shake up the current ineffectiveness of the system’?

28 March 2018

Michael Burd discusses the Equality and Human Rights Commission's (EHRC) focus on ‘corrosive’ cultures leading to workplace harassment, in an article for LexisNexis.

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