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Asia Pacific 亞太區

We have been operating in the Asia Pacific for many years, working with our clients as they expand and develop their businesses in the region, and as they seek to do business in Europe and the UK.

We understand the region’s business practices and the regulatory environment, and our legal teams include both local and international lawyers, combining the benefits of local knowledge, experience and language, with an international outlook.  

Led from our office in Hong Kong, our Asia practice focuses on Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea. Through a combination of our own offices, strategic alliances and expert desks, we can offer a full international offering across the Asia Pacific region.

Our experience in the region includes advising:

  • an Indian software company, in proceedings in the Technology & Construction Court relating to the sale of a subsidiary company specialising in legal outsourcing software. 
  • on the establishment of an automotive company’s joint venture in China in which we helped moved a large number of key and skilled staff to the new venture in various locations in China.
  • an advertising agency on the employment aspects of setting up legal entities in Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • a networking platform on various HR projects across Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.
  • House of Fraser on structuring its new franchising arrangements for its entry into the Chinese market. 
  • a tech start-up on the exit of its co-founder and CEO to join a competitor including advise on breach of contract and fiduciary duties and the enforceability of restrictive covenants.
  • a major law firm with the set-up of their Hong Kong Partnership.
  • a professional services firm on various post harmonisation projects through Asia following a merger with another professional services firm.
  • an investment bank in Hong Kong with regard to threats of litigation by an employee for breach of contract in addition to supporting with a related investigation and termination.
  • Conran Shop, part of the group of design and retail companies owned by Sir Terence Conran, on franchise agreements across Asia, including Japan, South Korea.
  • an Indian company in a US$250 million dispute with the Governorate of Basra, Iraq, and several international financial institutions, arising out of a contract for a major infrastructure project and associated performance bonds and letters of credit. The dispute involves parallel proceedings in London, Iraq and India.

View our APAC employment law inbriefs below:





  • 在技术工程庭 (Technology & Construction Court) 关于出售专门从事法律外包软件的子公司的诉讼中,为一家印度软件公司提供咨询服务。
  • 提供与在中国建立汽车公司合资企业相关的咨询服务,我们帮助客户将大量重要和技术娴熟的员工调往中国不同地点的新企业中。
  • 就在中国香港和新加坡设立法律实体的雇佣方面问题,为一家广告公司提供相关的咨询服务。
  • 就中国香港、新加坡和澳大利亚的各种人力资源项目,为一家网络平台提供咨询服务。
  • 就 House of Fraser 进入中国市场的新特许经营安排为其提供咨询。
  • 为一家科技初创公司提供咨询服务,协助处理联合创始人和首席执行官退出该公司并加入竞争对手的事宜,这其中包括就违约和信托责任以及限制性契约的可执行性提供咨询服务。
  • 为一家大型律师事务所在中国香港设立合伙企业提供咨询服务。
  • 在一家专业服务公司与另一家专业服务公司合并后,为其提供关于亚洲的各种协调后项目的咨询服务。
  • 就雇员因违约而威胁要提起诉讼一事,为中国香港的一家投资银行提供咨询服务,并协助其进行相关调查和合同终止工作。
  • 就亚洲地区(包括日本、韩国)的特许经营协议,为特伦斯•康兰爵士拥有的设计和零售公司集团旗下的康兰家具店 (Conran Shop) 提供咨询服务。
  • 为一家印度公司提供咨询服务,解决该公司与伊拉克巴士拉省以及几家国际金融机构之间的 2.5 亿美元纠纷,该纠纷是由一项大型基础设施项目合同以及相关的履约保证书和信用证引起的。这场纠纷涉及伦敦、伊拉克和印度的平行诉讼。


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