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Employment law across APAC 亞太區僱傭法




  • 與客戶合作,定義個別亞太區內項目的規模,同時與更龐大的國際團隊共同處理每個項目或事項。
  • 確保我們明白您的商業目標
  • 協調來自國際分部的參與,並確保於期限前完成工作
  • 完善、整合及優化提供予客戶的資訊及建議,使其符合實用性及商業性,而且易於明白。
  • 當行動獲得批准,協助客戶執行建議
  • 協調預算,並確保以流程簡化及有效的方式處理費用

我們的團隊與Ius Laboris的僱傭法律師合作無間,為全球客戶提供國際僱傭法建議。Ius Laboris為領先國際的全球人力資源法律師聯盟。





Our Hong Kong office offers a high quality and cost-effective service for all employment law needs across Asia Pacific

Our international employment lawyers support in-house counsel, HR teams and business managers based in the APAC region and beyond, acting as a single point of contact. From understanding the advantages and risks of putting people in particular jurisdictions, to carrying out a cross-border restructure and from advising on specific employment or immigration issues to auditing your people documentation and policies, our Hong Kong office can assist.

Working closely with clients, we map out projects and individual queries and manage them effectively through:

  • defining the scope of specific projects across APAC in collaboration with clients, as well our wider international team for each project or matter
  • ensuring we understand your commercial goals
  • managing input from across our international practice and ensuring that deadlines are met
  • refining, organising and optimising the information and advice clients receive so it is practical, commercial and easy to understand
  • assisting with implementation of advice when a course of action is approved
  • co-ordinating budgets and ensuring fees are dealt with in a streamlined and efficient fashion

Our team works seamlessly with the employment lawyers within Ius Laboris – the leading global alliance of HR law practitioners – to provide international employment law advice to clients across the globe.

It’s not just the APAC region that we provide support in either. Our team in Hong Kong regularly works with local clients on their employment law and global mobility needs in EMEA, or with US headquartered multinationals on their global HR and immigration projects. 

View our APAC employment law inbriefs below

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