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Lewis Silkin’s China Desk offers clients bespoke legal services coupled with language skills and a deep understanding of the culture and needs of clients.

The Chinese government has allowed foreign direct investment for many years and such investment continues to grow significantly. Chinese companies are adopting global strategies to enter new markets to gain know–how, technology, brands and supplies of natural resources.

The UK government is keen to secure further Chinese investment into the UK and China is encouraging investors to explore more lucrative markets abroad.

In response to this our China Desk has been set up to support the increasing numbers of Chinese corporates and private individuals who are investing, working, living, studying abroad. We have been able to build an extensive network in China who can prove invaluable for our UK clients looking to either invest or do business in China. Lewis Silkin is therefore extremely well placed to offer services to Chinese investors and also to UK companies looking to invest or do business in China. 

Lewis Silkin’s Hong Kong office can provide full legal support to Chinese companies and the private investors based in Hong Kong as well as local Hong Kong companies and individuals.

At Lewis Silkin we do business in the following areas:

  • Real Estate - one stop service including DD checks, Land Acquisition, Planning Permission, Construction, Development, Plot Sales and Conveyancing when required, and Loans and Bridging Loans.
  • Corporate - Mergers & Acquisitions, IPO, Finance & Financial Services, Shareholder & Joint Venture Arrangements, Corporate Tax and Growth, Venture & Private Equity.
  • Immigration - all PBS applications, Tier 1 Investor, Tier 2 and Tier 4 Sponsor Licence, Tier 1 Entrepreneur and EEA Applications, and Tier 4 Applications.
  • Employment – In-house Employment Lawyers Club, M&A, Outsourcing & TUPE, Employment Disputes, Employment Status, Employment Tribunals, Equality & Diversity, Team Moves & Injunctions.
  • Media - Digital & Social Media, Gambling, Live Events & Theatre, Music, Publishing, Talent, TV & Film.
  • Retail, Hospitality & Leisure
  • Technology - Data Security, Cloud Computing, Digital & Social Media, Digital, Web, Mobile & Apps, Platform Economy, Technology Disputes, Software & Services.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) - we have created an IP360 offering which offers a full range of services across all IP rights. This includes strategy, management, enforcement and protection across trade marks and branding, patents, domains, designs, confidential information, trade secrets and copyright.

You can see more about our IP360 offering here.

For further information please contact Lily ShenNicholas Buckland or Li Xiang.

Lewis Silkin 的中国事务服务台为客户提供定制的法律服务,外加语言技能以及对客户文化和需求的深刻理解。



为此,我们设立了中国事务服务台,以为越来越多的中国企业和个人在海外投资、工作、生活、学习提供支持。我们已在中国建立一个广泛的网络,这对于我们寻求在中国投资或开展业务的英国客户而言可能蕴含着巨大的价值。因此,Lewis Silkin 在为中国投资者以及希望在中国投资或开展业务的英国公司提供服务方面具有极其明显的优势。

Lewis Silkin 的香港办事处可以为中国香港的中国公司和私人投资者,以及中国香港本地的公司和个人提供全面的法律支持。

Lewis Silkin 的业务涉及以下领域:

  • 房地产——包括 DD 检查、土地征用、规划许可、建设、开发、地块出售和必要时的产权转让,以及贷款和过渡性贷款在内的一站式服务。

  • 企业——并购、IPO、财政和金融服务、股东和合资企业安排、企业税与增长,风险投资和私募股权。
  • 移民——所有 PBS 申请、第 1 级投资者、第 2 级和第 4 级雇主担保执照、第 1 级企业家和欧洲经济区申请,以及第 4 级申请。
  • 雇佣——内部雇佣律师俱乐部、并购、外包和 TUPE、雇佣纠纷、雇佣状态、雇佣法院、平等和多样性、团队调动和禁令。

  • 媒体——数字与社交媒体、博彩、现场活动与戏剧、音乐、出版、人才、电视和电影。
  • 零售、酒店和休闲
  • 技术——数据安全、云计算、数字与社交媒体、数字化、网络、移动与应用、平台经济、技术纠纷、软件与服务。
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