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UK Online Safety Bill a "missed opportunity", MPs claim: Geraint comments for ITPro

25 January 2022

A DCMS report says the "unclear" draft legislation doesn't do enough to tackle child abuse and violence against women and girls.

The UK government’s Online Safety Bill fails to tackle child abuse and violence against women and girls, according to the latest report by the DCMS Committee.

This includes a lack of safeguards against “breadcrumbing”, whereby child abusers leave digital signposts for fellow criminals to find child sexual abuse material (CSAM), as well as “nudifying”, which sees users fall victim to deepfake pornography.

The DCMS Committee, which scrutinises the work of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), has called on MPs to address these issues, many of which remain technically legal under UK law, while describing the draft legislation in its current form as a “missed opportunity”.

Read the full article here.

This article was first published by ITPro


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