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Opportunities in the UAE: Do they live up to the Hype?

23 June 2022

Anyone with even half an eye on the geo-political landscape and global economic movements will have no doubt heard about the raving reviews the UAE is currently experiencing. So, are the stories to be believed?

Is the UAE the place to be and what is it about the country that is attracting such a global influx? 

We asked Marie O’Neill, the owner and Managing Director of EER (Executive Expatriate Relocations) to share her views.  EER has handled international relocations, immigration and corporate services in the UAE and the Middle East for over 15 years, so they have seen the ups and downs of the industry and have been at the forefront of this recent shift and have some valuable insights as to why the UAE is coming up trumps. 

Stability and Growth

First and foremost, the leading reason behind the demand for UAE relocation and business expansion is what it offers in terms of stability and growth.  Its society and economy have maintained steady throughout recent global upheaval and are showing some of the world’s fastest rates of growth in 2022 and beyond. 

Investment Incentives

With a whole division of EER dedicated to corporate services, the company is familiar with the realities of setting up a business or organisational offshoot in Dubai or the UAE.  What their experts have seen over recent years is the evolution of how this process works and the growing options available to prospective start-ups and expanding companies.  There are more and more ways in which companies can be formed within the UAE, with a host of associated residency options as well.  The UAE government is also committed to incentivising this type of growth as it recognises the value of encompassing international talent and foreign investment into its economic planning.    

An International Appeal

Dubai and the UAE have also made huge in-roads in their transition to a truly multi-cultural and international society.  Legally and culturally, the environment that awaits in the UAE is one of inclusivity and progress.  More and more regulations are adapting to be more in-line with global societal norms, which is exciting news for those who might have previously held concerns about the UAE being too restrictive.  As well as this, the UAE continues to build on the tradition of its founders by championing policies that lead global trends in terms of pivotal issues such as sustainability.  Dubai is a city that is pioneering a host of sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives that are designed to foster real change and real results.

With thanks to our contributor, Marie O’Neill Managing Director of EER (Executive Expatriate Relocations)

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