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27 April 2021

英国がCovid-19ワクチン接種プログラムを進めるにつれ、雇用主側は雇用法における多くの困難且つ未検討の問題に直面している。ここで紹介するQ&Aは、雇用主が従業員にワクチン接種を義務付けることができるかどうか、義務化の代替案、ワクチン接種のための休暇、およびその他の問題をカバーしている。 Employers are facing many difficult and untested employment law issues as the UK rolls out its Covid-19 vaccination programme. These FAQs cover whether an employer can make vaccination compulsory for its employees, alternatives to a mandatory requirement, time off for vaccine appointments and other issues.


業員に予防接種を義務付けることは、英国の法律では検討されたことがない。 在職している従業員全員にワクチン接種を要求することが出来る雇用主がいるかもしれないが、これはごく少数のケースであろう。


Can we make it mandatory for existing employees to receive the Covid-19 vaccination?

Mandating vaccination for employees has never been tested in UK law. It may be possible for some employers to require the vaccine for all their existing employees, but this is likely to be a minority of cases.

The key legal problems with mandating the vaccine are the risks associated with dismissing employees who refuse and have over two years’ service, and the potential for discrimination claims from employees with protected characteristics. Any employer proposing mandatory vaccination will therefore need to consider.

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