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The UK’s exit from the European Union presents major challenges for your business and your employees.

We offer a range of services designed to ensure that you are fully informed and prepared for what lies ahead. As part of our broader Immigration solutions for HR, we can help you to understand the EU Settlement Scheme and the implications of Brexit so that you can continue to lawfully employ EU nationals in the UK after the implementation period. We can also suggest strategies to maintain your British employees’ ability to work on the continent.

Our solutions for Brexit include:

  • Toolkits – a FAQ document for EEA nationals which brings together all the current available information on the requirements and process for applying under the EU Settlement Scheme as well as answering common Brexit-related questions – all in a reader-friendly, concise format
  • Training – in-depth analysis of the Government’s Brexit plans, delivered by our expert immigration lawyers and tailored to either an EEA national or HR audience, with lots of opportunity for you to get your questions answered
  • Onsite support – we are able to visit your offices to offer one on one support to your EU employees to help them with the EU settlement scheme process, including bringing devices with us to submit applications there and then

Full details of our Immigration Solutions for HR Brexit services are in our flyer

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With Brexit day pushed back to 31 October and the fate of the UK’s future relationship with the EU still up in the air, it is understandable that many EU, EEA and Swiss citizens (‘‘EEA citizens’’) on this side of the English Channel remain uncertain about how to protect their rights in the UK.

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On 24 June, the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to review the £30,000 minimum salary threshold it proposed for sponsoring skilled workers in the post-Brexit immigration system, which is due to be rolled out from 1 January 2021. This move has been welcomed by the hospitality industry as an opportunity to ensure it can sponsor medium skilled workers from 2021 without having to pay substantially above market rates.

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