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IP360 Time Capsule

Many types of creative work such as Patents, Trade Marks and Registered Designs are protected by complex international registration systems.

But what about all the other creative work that falls through the gaps, or where potentially costly international registrations are not the answer?

Take, for example, creative pitches by an advertising agency - the result of hours, days, weeks or months of painstaking care, creativity and hard work. Original copy and imagery woven together to create something magical. Yes, much of it will automatically be protected as copyright work, but what if someone challenges when it was created, where and by whom?

Or take a business that involves trade secrets or ‘know how’, which you don’t want the world to know about… not just yet. Trying to prove how long ago you created something so secret is not going to be easy.

IP360 Time Capsule could be the solution to help protect your original creative work.

How can you protect your original work?

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is an independent, highly respected institution with global presence, visibility and credibility. They are already well known for running the International Registration system for trade marks.

WIPO has created a system, using distributed ledger technology, which creates a token validating the existence of a specific digital file eat a specific moment in time (i.e. when it is uploaded), that is captured by the Universal Time Code, giving an exact date and time.

How does it work?

WIPO does not actually capture or store your data – this means your confidential information or even trade secrets can remain confidential. When uploading your copyright work, your local  internet browser creates a unique digital fingerprint tor (hash) of that file using a 256 bit one-way hashing algorithm. The hash goes straight to WIPO where it is time stamped and signed with WIPO’s private key and then stored after producing a token. This leaves you with the original file and the token that proves its validity. There is a fee to create a token and then a further fee if you’d like a ‘premium’ certificate to verify the existence of your work.

Why should I choose IP360 Time Capsule?

The IP360 Time Capsule will provide peace of mind. We will help you register your creative work using the WIPO system. You will then have the token and file to submit to a court as proof of exactly when your work was created, and be able to produce a certificate to back that up. We can store both the token and the original work in our secure online records management system so that you can access these from any web browser anywhere in the world.

It’s a great idea to obtain this independent record of your original work before you share it with clients or third parties. It is still advisable to have clients and third parties sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) before you share your work with them. However, NDAs won’t include a record of the actual ideas and creative work because NDAs should be agreed and signed before the work itself is shared with clients and third parties. In a pitch scenario, among others, if you 
share the work in person or via video link there might be no digital record of what you have shared, when and with whom. 

Traditional methods of capturing the date on which work was created, such as taking a photo of your work with a newspaper in the background, are now much less reliable due to the increasing prevalence of deep fake technology and ease of amending images and videos in post-production using image editing software – so extra authentication may be necessary. You could use the other old fashioned technique of sending yourself a sealed letter via registered post with a printed copy of the work inside and maybe some additional proof like a newspaper headline. But that relies on the postal service, and on you storing physical batches of sealed envelopes safely until they’re needed, and… well… better safe than sorry!

How much does the service cost?

Our fee for filing and storing the initial token is £150 inclusive of WIPO fees or £200 if you want a ‘premium certificate’.

The token lasts 5 years and renewal fees apply thereafter. WIPO’s fees are TBC, so please discuss with us at the time of registration.

Please note that all fees exclude VAT and there may be additional fees for the storage of the original file if in excess of 2mb.

Click here to view as a PDF.

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