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Pre-Publication Advice

As the experts in advertising, marketing and social media campaigns, we provide assistance every step of the way. We advise many of the world’s best and brightest creative agencies, and several of the UK, and the world’s best known brands. Our aim is to help our clients to realize their creative vision, while navigating the legal risks in the process.

This often starts with pre-publication/pre-broadcast advice.  We advise across all media and formats, and in relation to all industries and sectors.  We review story boards, scamps, scripts, edits, disclaimers, headlines, and so on, through to sales promotions and all kinds of innovative experiential and social media campaigns. We can also provide strategic advice even before an idea has been pitched to a client, conducting trademark and ad-slogan searches, and advising on the likely risks and how best to manage them.

We advise on the UK position, and we coordiLewis Silkin Advertising & Marketing Pre-Publication Advicenate international legal and regulatory advice via our carefully curated global advertising lawyers’ alliance (GALA).

As well as advising on compliance with the CAP and BCAP Codes, we advise on compliance with consumer protection rules and industry-specific rules. Our experts are also here to help with all important intellectual property issues, such as copyright, trademarks and passing off. 

Whatever the issue, our knowledgeable, helpful and friendly team provides clear and pragmatic advice within very tight timeframes.   




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