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David Hopper

David Hopper Senior Associate

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I am a Senior Associate advising on UK and Irish employment law, with a particular focus on advising on industrial relations.

I advise on all areas of employment law from contracts of employment to settlement agreements, and everything that happens in between. I regularly advise on employment litigation in the UK Employment Tribunal and High Court, and have also advised on litigation in the Irish Labour Court.

European Works Councils

I have a particular focus on advising on the establishment and operation of European Works Councils under both UK and Irish law. I regularly advise on establishment requests, election procedures, negotiating with special negotiating bodies and the holding of annual and exceptional circumstances meetings. I also have experience defending complaints about the operation of European Works Councils brought in the Central Arbitration Committee.

Brexit creates significant uncertainty about the status of European Works Councils governed by UK law. As a lawyer qualified in both the UK and Ireland, I am able not only to advise on Brexit’s implications under UK law but also on how to establish alternative European Works Council arrangements in Ireland. I advised the first company to transfer its arrangements from the UK to Ireland after the Brexit referendum and now regularly advise both British and international companies on how best to mitigate their risk.

Trade Unions

I also advise on all aspects of industrial relations issues more generally. I have successfully defended a statutory recognition request in the Central Arbitration Committee and regularly advise on the implications for employers of their recognition arrangements, including in the context of corporate transactions. I have also advised in the context of a dispute before the Certification Officer.

My experience of contentious industrial action includes advising on issues including industrial action balloting, picketing, the withholding of pay, the use of agency workers, the mitigation of the effects of unions’ leverage campaigns and overall strategic planning of how to minimise overall disruption to a business.

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