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Vision & Values

We know that the market for legal services is changing fast and we believe it will change yet faster in the years ahead.

Clients have many more options for servicing their legal needs both in the UK and globally than they have done previously and rightly they seek greater value and expertise from their advisors as well as innovation.

As a service business we are changing in line with those client expectations, building on our achievements of recent years, our strength in core markets and the values shared by our people.

Ultimately we aspire to be the leading legal and related services firm in the UK for two groups of clients: Businesses which see themselves as creators, makers and/or innovators; and senior human resource professionals and employment lawyers within major UK and international businesses.

We will complement expert legal advice with the provision of other professional services to clients and we will be the gateway for those clients to expert professional advice in every developed and developing economy throughout the world.

We will offer exceptional value for money to our clients through a combination of leading expertise, new and better approaches to service delivery supported by the application of technology, streamlining of our operations and pricing for value.

We will transform our approach to the firm as a workplace so as both to support the efficient delivery of high value services to clients and to strengthen our workplace culture, making it fully relevant to the legal industry of the future

Our key values as we build our firm for the future will be: a strong focus on our target markets and the needs of our clients; the development of leading expertise relevant to those clients; innovation in our service delivery, and sustained investment in our people and their workplace.

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