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Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise, they can often have far-reaching implications for the rest of a business.

Contentious issues need to be dealt with swiftly and appropriately to prevent them escalating, keeping disruption and financial impact to a minimum. Mitigating risk is just as important as robustly fighting a claim in court. There are numerous alternatives to litigation, so pursuing the right strategy is important to ensure disputes are resolved in the most effective way.

Lewis Silkin Dispute Resolution

We treat problems as if they are our own, working closely and collaboratively with our clients to provide practical solutions that fit with their commercial objectives. While we have a substantial group of litigators, we are also experts in alternative dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration. In addition, we also provide risk mitigation and investigation services to help clients identify where issues might arise, and where they have in the past, to work out the causes and implement solutions.

Whether it’s handling high-profile, complex cases in the High Court and beyond, or working behind the scenes with a minimum of fuss, clients rely on our first-class insight to help them stay one step ahead.

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Misrepresentation: the truth, the half-truth and anything but the truth

19 September 2019

We would like to invite you to our next seminar on Thursday, 19 September 2019. We will be discussing the litigation risks associated with pre-contract statements.

Parent company’s limited liability. Not quite so limited?

11 July 2019

It is a basic principle of company law that the liability of a shareholder of a limited company is limited to the amount unpaid on the shares it holds in that company. Right? That’s why it’s called a limited company? This is generally true. However, in some cases, a parent company can be considered to have assumed responsibility for the negligent acts of its subsidiary.

Dispute Resolution Update - July 2019

10 July 2019

Welcome to our July 2019 Dispute Resolution Update. We’ve included articles on a range of disputes, including summaries of recent cases and guides on key aspects of dispute resolution. With an increasingly globalised and fast changing environment, disputes are an inevitable part of business. Not only can we help resolve disputes once they arise but we also work with our clients to reduce the risk of litigation.

Protection of guests: how far does a hotel’s duty extend?

09 July 2019

For the first time, the High Court has stated that hotels owe a duty to their guests to take reasonable care to protect them from injury caused by the criminal acts of third parties. But how far does that duty go?

Contract interpretation: a helpful recap by the Court of Appeal

03 July 2019

At the end of March 2019, the Court of Appeal handed down a decision which provided a helpful reminder of the modern approach to interpreting contracts.

Unreasonable non-compete clause could be rescued by severance

03 July 2019

The Supreme Court (“SC”) has given a landmark judgment about the limits of post-termination restrictions (“PTRs”) in employment contracts. It ruled that although a six-month non-compete clause went too far by restricting an employee from holding a minority shareholding in a competing business, the employer could still enforce the key part of the clause.

Michael Anderson comments for The Financial Times, The Law Society Gazette & Staffing Industry Analysts: ‘Victory for employers’ as Supreme Court rules in landmark competition case

03 July 2019

Michael Anderson has commented in an articles for The Financial Times, The Law Society Gazette and Staffing Industry Analysts. In all three articles he discusses the Supreme Court's decision to uphold a non-compete restriction today in the first employment competition case to have reached the court and its predecessor in over a century.

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