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Samar Shams

Samar ShamsPractice Development Lawyer

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I manage the immigration knowledge bank at Lewis Silkin.

I manage the immigration knowledge bank at Lewis Silkin. I keep track of changes to immigration law and policy and assess their effects on our clients. I also work with contacts in the Home Office and wider industry to shine a light onto the greyer, more complex areas of UK immigration law.

I run discussions on immigration knowhow for the team, to consolidate our understanding and ensure that our practice is bang up-to-date. I support my team in their casework, answering ad hoc questions on fine points of immigration law and practice. I often help team members develop the best strategy to help a client achieve their objectives.

I also develop improvements to our work practices so that we can keep costs down for our clients and I manage immigration client training, a programme of core, modular and tailored courses and regular updates and workshops.

Immigration & Global mobility

I am interested in all areas of UK immigration law and global mobility. Issues around sponsorship of skilled workers are a particular focus, but I am also very much engaged in EEA nationals’ status and applications, immigration options available to high net worth individuals and family-based applications.

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