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Dr Nathalie Moreno comments in The Telegraph - Would you buy 'micro-insurance' that tracks your every move?

12 January 2017

Dr. Nathalie Moreno has commented in an article for The Telegraph which discusses how insurers could soon be using GPS to follow your every move and change your cover minute-by-minute.

A new app which offers "on demand" insurance says that ultimately firms will be able to "micro-insure" a customer depending on where they are or what they are doing at any particular moment.  

Privacy expert, Dr Nathalie Moreno, say that users should be aware when a app is tracking their location - and watch out for unsolicited marketing: "It looks like a US business which considers issues from a US law perspective. "In the EU the law says you need to opt in to receive marketing emails, and the privacy policy suggests that you have to opt out in this case. "I would be concerned that you might be bombarded with marketing emails from US companies, especially if you have location consent on and go on a trip abroad," she said.

You can read the full article 'Would you buy 'micro-insurance' that tracks your every move?' on The Telegraph website.

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