EU information and consultation obligations – fit for purpose but better together?

23 Apr 2015

The European Commission (EC) has commenced consultation on the possible consolidation of the key directives relating to information and consultation obligations across Europe.

This follows a “fitness check” of EU legislation relating to collective redundancies, transfers of undertakings, European Companies and European Works Councils (EWCs) which concluded that the directives are broadly fit for purpose, but contain a number of gap...

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  • General election – what do the manifestos say about employment law?

    21 Apr 2015, By Rhian Hall, Tom Heys, Joshua Hardie in Employment

    We’ve ploughed through the 300-odd pages of the manifestos from the Conservatives, Labour, the Lib Dems, UKIP and the Green party, and picked out everything you need to know about what they have to say about employment law. Read more

  • Whistleblowing at work – what’s in the public interest?

    15 Apr 2015, By Kirstie Allison in Employment

    Can complaining about your own pay count as a disclosure made in the public interest, meaning you are protected as a whistleblower? Read more

  • Acquisitions au Royaume Uni

    31 Mar 2015, By Marie-Caroline Frochot in Le French Desk

    Quelque soit votre expérience en matière d'acquisition de sociétés dans d'autres pays, les différences culturelles dans les tactiques de négociation, la lourdeur et la complexité des transactions au Royaume Uni ainsi que l'absence de protection légale de l'acheteur, posent un challenge á l’acquéreur français. Read more

  • Fashionably late – what is a “proper purpose” for inspecting a company’s register of members?

    27 Mar 2015, By Ian McDonald, Sean Illing in Corporate & M&A

    In the recent case of Burberry Group Plc v Richard Charles Fox-Davies [2015] EWHC 222 (Ch) the court indicated that, because of a “strong presumption in favour of shareholder democracy”, a request by a member whose purpose in seeking access relates to that member’s rights, would usually be considered to be for a “proper purpose”. However, a request by a non-member does not have the benefit of that presumption and so the court will examine his reasons more closely. Read more

  • Calculating holiday pay - the latest instalment

    27 Mar 2015, By Rebecca Rule in Employment

    In the eagerly anticipated decision of Lock v British Gas Trading Ltd a tribunal has held that the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR) should be interpreted so as to include commission payments in holiday pay calculations in respect of the four weeks’ annual leave entitlement under the EU Working Time Directive (the Directive). Read more

  • Get set for change: timescale for the new transparency and filing requirements for companies

    26 Mar 2015, By Lucy Murray in Corporate & M&A

    New transparency and filing requirements for companies have now reached the statute books in the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015. Even before Royal Assent the Government published provisional dates for phasing in the changes over the next 18 months. Read more

  • Les statuts d’une société anglaise décodés

    26 Mar 2015, By Marianne Lasserre in Le French Desk

    Que vous soyez dirigeant français d’une société anglaise à responsabilité limitée (« limited ») récemment achetée, investisseur intéressé par une prise de participation majoritaire dans une limited ou tout simplement une société française actionnaire majoritaire d’une limited, cet article est fait pour vous ! Il vous permettra de comprendre comment fonctionnent les statuts ou « articles of association » d’une limited, comment les lire et les écueils à éviter… Read more

  • Time for consumers and the ad industry to boycott American Apparel

    24 Mar 2015, By Brinsley Dresden in Advertising & Marketing

    The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld yet another complaint against American Apparel last week, the seventh since April 2012. Read more

    1 comment This is a very bold piece, and a great idea. Consumers have more power than they think and if they ...

  • Zero-hours contracts – tackling avoidance

    19 Mar 2015, By Laura Farnsworth, Laura Prince in Employment

    Over the past year, zero-hours contracts have never been far from the headlines. The government has recently published its response to the latest round of consultation as it continues to press on with proposals to tackle potential abuses in the use of these types of contracts. Read more

  • Entrepreneurs’ Relief Tightening

    18 Mar 2015, By Matthew Rowbotham in Corporate & M&A, Tax

    For the most part today’s Budget was clearly an attempt to set the ground for the General Election, and contained lots of “good news” for the taxpayer (mostly re-announcements, with a sprinkling of new giveaways). However, it wouldn’t be a modern Budget without an awful lot of talk about tax avoidance crackdowns. Read more

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