The legal side of Social Media (UK)

JAN 15
Location: The Next Web Academy Start: 3:00pm
Cost: £60.00 Finish: 4:30pm

On the 15th January 2013 Jo Farmer will talk at The Next Web Academy online class "The legal side of Social Media (UK)".

This 1.5 hour online class is for all social media managers and marketers who want to ensure their promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks are compliant with the latest laws and regulations.

Jo will give a refreshing talk about the legal aspects of a social media promotion, share examples of how things have gone wrong and how they could have been avoided. As a UK lawyer, Jo's focus will be on English law.

After this class you will understand the legal side of user generated content, how to ensure your brand ambassador initiatives are up to par from a legal perspective, best practices for blogger outreach programs and legal watch outs for activating competitions on social media.

For more information and to register visit the The Next Web Academy website.

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