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Employment Status

The growth of the “gig economy”, the demands of the millennials for greater flexibility, the tax and national insurance benefits of self-employment and Government reviews of employment status have brought the issue of employment status to the forefront of many employers’ minds.

With extensive experience of the complex issues involved, our employment and employment tax lawyers can guide businesses through this tricky area and help workforces plan for the challenges of the 21st Century or defend themselves from challenges whether from unions, their workforce or HMRC.

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The future of employment law – Taylor-ed to fit?

11 July 2017

The Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy, commissioned by the prime minister last October and chaired by Matthew Taylor, has produced its long awaited report.

Employment status – the power of three: employee, worker and self-employed

04 July 2017

In an article for Employment Solicitor, Karen Baxter takes a look at recent cases which have tested the boundaries of employment status and assess how employers can keep pace with the changing market as the world of work evolves.

The future world of work: Lewis Silkin’s perspectives on regulating the work relationship

26 May 2017

Profound underlying changes in technology and demography are transforming work.

General election 2017 - what might the manifestos say about employment law?

27 April 2017

Theresa May’s announcement of a snap general election caught everyone off guard. The various political parties will be rushing to fill their manifestos with headline-grabbing policies, although these will not necessarily be very well thought through.

Gig economy: the equality challenge?

25 April 2017

Sean Dempsey and David Hopper comment in HRZone on equality in the gig economy.

Second cycle courier found to be a ‘worker’

28 March 2017

Another day, another case on the gig economy… An Employment Tribunal has found that a cycle courier was a “worker”, rather than an independent contractor, and therefore entitled to statutory holiday pay.

Pimlico Plumbers are workers not self-employed

14 February 2017

In the latest development in a series of cases on employment status, the Court of Appeal has rejected an appeal by Pimlico Plumbers and found that a “self-employed” plumber should have been classed a worker.

Is the recent Uber ruling on workers basic rights a game changer

10 November 2016

James Storke has written a piece for 'Silicon Roundabout'.

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