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Employment law across APAC

Our Hong Kong office offers high quality and cost-effective employment support across APAC jurisdictions.

We also provide APAC-based businesses and individuals with advice on UK and European employment law issues.

We can add value by deploying expert employment law in all major jurisdictions. Working closely with you, we can help map out your project and manage it effectively, leaving you to focus on other aspects of your role. We will:

  • define the scope of specific projects in close collaboration with you, as well as the relevant domestic lawyers for each project
  • manage input from multiple overseas lawyers and ensure that deadlines are met
  • refine, organise and optimise the information and advice you receive so it is practical, commercial and easy to understand
  • coordinate budgets and ensuring that billing is streamlined and handled efficiently

Watch our webinar on Employment issues in the “gig economy” across APAC

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