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Data Audit Services

Compliance with data protection legislation is necessarily becoming a higher priority for many organisations.

A number of factos are driving this:

  • regulators (including the ICO) are increasingly using their powers of enforcement 
  • future legislative changes will increase the compliance burden for business (and related risks) of data protection
  • data security breaches can lead to adverse publicity and significant monetary penalties
  • personal data is now a key business asset and compliance has a direct impact on the value of such data
  • employees are using data protection compliance issues tactically to gain leverage when in dispute with their employers

For most businesses, the first step in mitigating the risks above will be a data protection audit so that you can understand the “What? How? Why? and Where?” of your current data processing practices. This will enable you to identify what changes you need to implement to comply with current and future legislation.

We tailor the scope of the audit to meet your requirements: this could be an end to end audit of the entire business, an audit of one or more business units such as IT, HR and/or Marketing and/or an audit of your UK, European and/or global operations. 

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