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Insolvency & Restructuring

We routinely advise companies, directors and stakeholders on restructuring and insolvency issues. Our priority is to give pragmatic and commercial advice at all times.

Our work includes:

  • advice to directors on their duties and liabilities in relation to distressed companies and whether those companies should continue to trade
  • advice to companies on restructuring and rescheduling of their debts
  • implementing formal insolvency procedures including administration and liquidation
  • assisting with members’ voluntary liquidations of solvent companies
  • reviews of loans and security packages
  • acting for buyers of insolvent businesses and assets from insolvency practitioners

We also act for insolvency practitioners and advise them all on all aspects of the sale of businesses and assets and, when required, we can assemble multi-disciplinary teams to deal with the various aspects of a transaction, such as employment and property issues.

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Insolvency - Issues for directors

16 March 2017

All directors owe duties to their companies. When a company is solvent, those duties are owed to the company personified by its shareholders. But when insolvency is pending, directors must act in the company’s creditors’ best interests. That difference means that the nature of the directors’ duties undergoes a significant shift when insolvency threatens.

Redundancies and restructuring

01 November 2016

Without meaning to sound too gloomy, the prospect of Brexit and its effect on the economy is likely to lead to an increase in redundancies and restructuring for some employers.

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