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Sports Business

Billions of pounds are spent and made globally each year as the business of sport grows ever-more sophisticated. The interaction between athletes, agents, fans, clubs, venues and governing bodies – as well as the brands that engage with them – is intricate and ever-changing.

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These relationships and the complex framework of rights and regulations which surround them are what the business of sport is built upon, requiring specialist knowledge, a strategic approach and real commercial nous on the part of legal advisers.

As one of the UK’s leading sports practices, we are not just seasoned legal experts, we have a deep and rich knowledge of the sector. Many of our team are ex-professional athletes or have worked in-house at clubs, sponsors and major events. From negotiating global sponsorship deals, advising on player, manager and backroom staff employment issues, and implementing complex football financing deals, to advising on player transfers, sports immigration, brand protection and a wide range of commercial contracts and disputes, we bring to bear the added dimension of practical experience and in-depth insight.

That’s exactly why we act for some of the world’s biggest names in sport.

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22 March 2017

However it’s done, whether being rebuilt from scratch (Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Arsenal), expanded (Liverpool) or converted from other uses (West Ham, Manchester City), one thing for certain is that football stadiums are big business. In this article, we explore some of the current projects and highlight some of the hot topics surrounding these cathedrals of the national game.

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The Lewis Silkin Sports Business Group hosted its latest forum event, ‘Data analytics and the future of elite sporting performance’ on Tuesday 7 February, at which our esteemed panellists provided real insight on how elite athletes and teams are increasingly relying on data analysis to gain a competitive edge.

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Head of Sports Business Group, Alex Kelham has commented in an article for Agence France-Presse (AFP) which discusses how Formula One will need a fresh start after previous 'dictator' of the sport Bernie Ecclestone was effectively finished on Monday when US-based Liberty Media completed its takeover of motorsport's most prestigious brand in a deal valued at about $8 billion.

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