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We act for individuals (many of whom have a reputation and brand to protect), their agencies, as well as brands looking to work with talent and media owners.

We also act for industry bodies and representative groups.  We have helped the “industry” react to some significant changes in working practices including, for example, advising the Agent’s Association (GB) and the contemporary music agents on preparation for and dealing with major legislative changes which had a significant effect on the business practices of all their members.

Often working closely with our colleagues in the advertising and marketing sector, we have been involved with many high profile celebrity talent deals and disputes over the years, including brand endorsement deals, commissioning actors, musicians and other creatives, celebrity book deals, agreements with YouTubers and social talent, celebrity merchandising deals and advising on reputational risk and defamation.

Lewis Silkin Media & Entertainment Talent

In addition, working with our employment and immigration teams we can advise on any employment/engagement issues that arise. We can also help to ensure that talent, essential crew members and support personnel can obtain the necessary visas to film, preform or work in the UK, the US, or in other locations of their choice.

As the concept of celebrity evolves, so does our practice, and these days we are often advising on deals that involve social or digital influencers.  We were proud to be commissioned by the trade body representing UK’s advertisers, ISBA, to draft the industry’s first ever industry standard template for use by brands when appointing vloggers. 

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