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China Desk

Lewis Silkin’s China Desk offers clients bespoke legal services coupled with language skills and a deep understanding of the culture and needs of clients.

The Chinese government has allowed foreign direct investment for many years and such investment continues to grow significantly. Chinese companies are adopting global strategies to enter new markets to gain know–how, technology, brands and supplies of natural resources.

The UK government is keen to secure further Chinese investment into the UK and China is encouraging investors to explore more lucrative markets abroad.

In response to this our China desk has been set up to support the increasing numbers of Chinese corporates and private individuals who are investing, working, living, studying abroad. We have been able to build an extensive network in China who can prove invaluable for our UK clients looking to either invest or do business in China.

Lewis Silkin is therefore extremely well placed to offer services to Chinese investors and also to UK companies looking to invest or do business in China. 

Lewis Silkin’s Hong Kong office can provide full legal support to Chinese companies and the private investors based in Hong Kong as well as local Hong Kong companies and individuals.

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