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  • Lewis Silkin opens third office in Cardiff


    12 November 2012

    The new Cardiff office is scheduled to open on Monday 19th November. The office will initially focus on supporting clients on issues related to employment law.

  • Learning Curve : Doing an MBA


    08 November 2012

    Managing Partner Ian Jeffery talks about the value of an MBA in the legal sector in an article for The Lawyer.

  • Cliff Fluet on the Music Ally podcast


    06 November 2012

    Cliff Fluet recently joined Eamonn Forde for the recent Music Ally podcast to discuss the burning topics of the past seven days.

  • ...a little bit of law - Collateral Warranties


    01 November 2012

    A warranty is essentially a promise made by one party (the warrantor) to another (the beneficiary).

  • Housing Benefit - Exemption accommodation


    27 October 2012

    Generally speaking the cost of providing independent living schemes (so that individuals with support needs do not have to live in residential homes) is greater than general needs schemes and in order to make schemes financially viable providers need to charge higher rents.

  • ASA hits 50 with confidence


    25 October 2012

    Jo Farmer discusses the self-regulated Advertising Standards Authority and questions whether Governmental regulation of advertising would be productive in an article for Marketing Week.

  • Law Society attacks government over changes to Equality Act


    24 October 2012

    James Davies has commented in an article for the Solicitors Journal about the government's proposed plans to scrap two sections of the Equality Act, and the effect this may have on employers.

  • Playing ball with Financial Fair Play?


    20 October 2012

    Iain McDonald and Karish Andrews discuss whether the proposed Financial Fair Play rule is being taken seriously enough by elite European clubs and the problems UEFA may have if it is implemented.

  • Decision to retire ageing chairman could open FA to legal challenge


    18 October 2012

    James Davies comments on the FA's decision to not extend their chairman's contract beyond 70 in an article for HR Zone.

  • Tax experts note holes in planned rights for shares scheme


    12 October 2012

    Simon Allum comments on George Osborne's 'rights for shares' scheme in an article for Thomson Reuters.

  • UK targets China's big spenders


    11 October 2012

    Partner Andrew Osborne discusses a new visa initiative which aims to attract more wealthy visitors to the UK.

  • 'Owner-employee' plan poses unfair dismissal risk


    10 October 2012

    Steven Lorber outlines his concerns about the Chancellor's proposal for a new type of employment contract in a letter to the Financial Times.

  • Direct age discrimination


    09 October 2012

    In their article for the Law Society Gazette, Fergus Payne and Clive Greenwood discuss the recent Supreme Court Decision which found that age discrimination can be justified and the effect this has had on the legal industry.

  • Age Discrimination : lessons from abroad


    08 October 2012

    Tom Heys discusses some of the issues arising out of age discrimination law in Canada, New Zealand and the USA in his article for the ELA.

  • Lewis Silkin receives numerous awards from the Lex 100


    05 October 2012

    Lewis Silkin has received a number of awards in the annual Lex 100 survey. The survey collects data on leading law firms from those working within the firms. This year the firm has been awarded five medals, including ones for job satisfaction, friendliness of the firm and living up to expectations.

  • Mutual contempt means the comeback of Kevin Pietersen will be tense


    03 October 2012

    Alexander Milner-Smith discusses the role that lawyers have played in the possible reinstatement of Kevin Pietersen to the England cricket team in The Guardian.

  • Comparative advertising


    03 October 2012

    Comparative advertising, also called ‘knocking copy’, is any advertising which explicitly or by implication identifies a competitor or goods or services offered by a competitor. It is not necessary to name a competitor in order for an advertisement to qualify as a comparative advertisement.

  • Shared Ownership Leases


    03 October 2012

    Shared ownership leases are one method by which housing providers can provide affordable housing. This inbrief will outline some of the legal issues surrounding this type of lease.

  • Lewis Silkin mentioned in The Next Web's coverage of Social Media Week London


    24 September 2012

    Partner Jo Farmer's talk at Social Media Week London has been praised in a review by The Next Web UK Editor Jamilla Knight.

  • The internet needs new boundaries


    14 September 2012

    Partner Rod Dadak suggests that in the wake of Prince Harry's notorious photos being published, more needs to be done to ensure the protection of privacy in the age of the internet.

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