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  • Hague Convention - Obtaining Evidence In England And Wales For Use In Another Jurisdiction


    03 July 2018

    Parties to proceedings in other jurisdictions often need access to evidence located in England and Wales. This guide explains how to obtain evidence in England and Wales for use in another jurisdiction.

  • Redundancy


    25 May 2018

    This inbrief looks at how employers can minimise the risk of legal claims when dismissing employees by reason of redundancy.

  • Establishing a business presence in the UK


    09 May 2018

    If you are a non-UK corporate body and you wish to establish a business presence in the UK, this brief guide covers the main issues you need to consider. Establishing an operating subsidiary, branch or other business presence in the UK is a straightforward process, and can be achieved very quickly and at minimal cost.

  • Fusions-Acquisitions de sociétés britanniques en 2017: quels enseignements pour les sociétés françaises?


    04 May 2018

    Selon l’Office for National Statistics, équivalent britannique de l’INSEE, le nombre d’acquisitions de sociétés britanniques reste élevé en 2017 au Royaume Uni en dépit – ou peut-être en raison - des incertitudes causées par le Brexit. La tendance est à la hausse.

  • Mediation


    02 May 2018

    Mediation is a common method of alternative dispute resolution (‘ADR’). It is a consensual process, with any settlement having to be agreed by both parties. If successful, mediation can save the time and costs of fighting a dispute through the courts or in arbitration.

  • Buying a business in the UK


    02 April 2018

    This guide is intended to assist potential buyers, who are from overseas, and have not been through the process of buying a business in the UK before and want to know a little more about what to expect. English company law does not impose any restrictions on foreigners acquiring an interest in domestic companies. These notes assume that the target business is owned by a private limited company incorporated in England, with several individual shareholders.

  • The Perils of Poor Security


    26 January 2018

    James Gill and Bryony Long look at the ICO’s recent fining of Carphone Warehouse, and some of the practical steps you can take to help prevent a similar experience.

  • Enforcing arbitral awards in England & Wales


    12 December 2017

    Where a party has obtained a favourable arbitration award in a jurisdiction other than England and Wales and the respondent to those arbitration proceedings has assets in this jurisdiction, the successful party may wish to enforce the arbitration award here. This guide will consider the steps that the successful party must take in order to be able to do so.

  • Top 5 tips for protecting trade secrets


    08 December 2017

    With the new EU Trade Secrets Directive coming into force in June 2018, we have compiled a list of the top 5 tips for protecting trade secrets.

  • GDPR essentials


    01 November 2017

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is probably to date one of the most lobbied legislation adopted by the EU since its creation.

  • Directors and their general duties


    11 September 2017

    English law imposes on company directors high standards of behaviour and they must put the interests of the company before their own. Their duties are derived from both statute and case law. In addition to general duties, there are extensive specific duties. This is an introductory guide to those general duties.

  • A guide to the litigation process


    15 August 2017

    If you are involved in a dispute you need to know: what options there are for resolving the dispute; what litigation involves; the steps from the start of proceedings to trial; what parties to proceedings have to do; the fundamentals of court procedure; how to use legal advisers efficiently and cost effectively; and what happens after judgment.

  • Beating the Brexit deadlock: squaring free trade with immigration controls


    01 August 2017

    James Davies and Natasha Hotson have written an article for International Law Office which discusses the UK's position on immigration controls in current Brexit negotiations and possible framework options to maintain free movement of persons.

  • Company’s register of people with significant control (PSCs)


    12 July 2017

    Most UK companies and LLPs are required to find out and record details of the individuals or legal entities that have significant beneficial ownership or control over them. The information must be recorded in the company’s register of people with significant control (PSC register) as part of its statutory books.

  • Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 - The Basics


    27 June 2017

    Part II of the 1954 Act is perhaps the most important legislation governing commercial premises. The provisions of Part II of the Act were substantially amended with effect from 1st June 2004 and did away with many of the tactical manoeuvres that were available under the old regime.

  • Employment law in Japan – an overview


    27 April 2017

    Although its historically high economic growth has long since passed, Japan’s economy is still one of the largest in the world. This economic strength, combined with the fact that Japan is a relatively mature market in the Asia Pacific region with a rich and unique culture, means that Japan remains a popular place for Western companies to do business. This inbrief outlines some of the key areas of Japanese employment law relevant to businesses operating in Japan.

  • Employment law in Singapore – an overview


    27 April 2017

    Singapore’s rapid economic development since it gained independence in 1965 is well documented. This economic success, combined with the country’s lightly regulated business environment, has long made it a natural “hub” for many multinational employers. This in-brief provides an overview of some of the key aspects of employment law in Singapore.

  • Preparing to issue proceedings


    26 April 2017

    This note provides general guidance on the steps to consider prior to embarking on litigation. There are a number of practical considerations that should be taken into account. The civil justice system in England expects parties to take a certain number of steps before issuing proceedings. This guide runs through these matters in outline.

  • Litigation Costs


    26 April 2017

    This guide provides a general introduction to the recovery of litigation costs from your opponent. It discusses general principles as well as problems that may arise during the course of litigation, providing practical guidance as to how to secure the best recovery.

  • Introductory guide to data sharing


    11 April 2017

    Most organisations carry out some form of data sharing, whether it be data sharing between organisations within the group or with external third parties. However, if the data being shared by an organisation is “personal data”, additional steps need to be taken to ensure the sharing of such personal data is lawful.

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